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AI Deployment Accelerates 800GbE Optical Growth

Coherent optics growth is healthy but Telecom component market remains in doldrums

Cloud Spending on Optical Transport Jumps 46% in 4Q23

Traditional Service Provider Spending Remains Weak

30% of Metro WDM Hardware Spending to Shift to Router-hosted Coherent Pluggables

IPoDWDM represents a $1.6B Opportunity by 2026

WDM Transport Spending Weakens During 2Q23

Network Operators Absorb Inventory and Pause Orders

Linear Drive will be a Small Fraction of 800GbE Market

Promise of Power Reduction but Challenges Will Limit Deployment

100ZR Coherent Pluggable Deployment Begins in 2024

Will Provide the Greater Uplink Bandwidth Needed for Access Network Upgrades

Datacenter Optical Component Revenue Rebounds 14% in 3Q22

400GbE Optical Module Unit Shipments up 50%

Optical Transport Hardware Sales - North America - 4-Quarter Average

North American WDM Transport Spending Surpasses Pre-Covid Levels

Optical and Packet Transport Spending Weaker in EMEA and Asia

Datacom Optical Component Revenue Nearly $5B in 2021

Almost 2M 400GbE Transceivers Shipped for Datacenter Applications

Shipments of 400ZR Pluggable Coherent Modules Jump in 4Q21

Pluggable Coherent shipment volumes are expected to triple in 2022

IP-over-DWDM and Coherent Pluggables to Impact Metro WDM Spending

Metro forecasts cut as historical growth rate of 6% is expected to flatten by 2023

North American Optical Transport Spending to Accelerate

Long-Haul WDM Spending Mix Reaches Record Levels

Cignal AI Welcomes New Analyst Kyle Hollasch

Addition Brings Unique Perspective and Expands Firm’s Research Coverage

Spending Rebounds for Worldwide Optical and Packet Transport

Long Term Chinese Capex Growth Trend Slows

400G+ Coherent Optics Shipments Triple During 2020

Ciena Accounts for Nearly Half of 3rd and 5th Gen Coherent Ports

North American Cloud and Traditional Telco CapEx Drops in Fourth Quarter

But a return to Growth in NA is expected in 2H21. Exceptional 4Q APAC Cloud & Colo Operator Spending.

North American Transport Spending Plummets in Q4

Purchases of optical and packet transport hardware dropped sharply in the fourth quarter as operators exhausted capex earlier in the year.

Dramatic Shift in Network Operator Spending on Optical and Packet Transport Gear in North America

Expenditures by North American cloud and colocation operators on optical and packet transport equipment declined 20 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20), while incumbent operator spending increased 2 percent.

Compact Modular Grows Faster Than Overall Optical Market in 3Q20

Global compact modular revenue grew 24 percent in the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20) over the prior year, versus just 7 percent for the total optical market.

EMEA Optical and Packet Transport Spending Bounces Back in 3Q20

European operators resumed purchases of optical and packet transport hardware in 3Q20 as COVID-related supply chain and operational delays eased.

Coherent Pluggables to Transform Optical Transport Market by 2024

Fourth-generation coherent will extend beyond 400ZR to include higher performance solutions generally referred to as 400ZR+ and lower speed 100Gbps (100ZR) targeted at the metro edge.

Transport Hardware Misses Expected Bounce Back in 2Q20

Delayed order fulfillment due to COVID supply chain impact earlier this year didn’t materialize as expected.

Network Operators Accelerate Capex in Response to COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 simultaneously catalyzed demand for transport equipment and paralyzed supply chains worldwide during the first quarter of 2020.

North American Optical Sales Rebound In 2019

Recent optical sales in North America were encouraging – up more than 25% for 4Q19 and 10% for all of 2019 according to the most recent Transport Hardware Report from research firm Cignal AI.

Compact Modular Market Slows as Customers Evaluate 600G

Sales of Compact Modular platforms slowed during the second quarter of the year despite significant growth from market leader Ciena.

Growth Returns as Optical Hardware Spending Increases in Every Region

Optical hardware spending grew in every region and for every business segment during 2Q19.

Cloud and Colo Optical Hardware Spending Increases by 50% in North America

Cloud and colo operator spending on optical communications hardware continued to spur market growth in the first quarter of 2019.

Compact Modular Optical Sales Expand, Reaching Over $275M

Compact modular optical hardware is being used in more network applications than ever before, driving up sales during the first quarter of 2019 as reported in the latest Optical Applications Report from market research firm Cignal AI.

Optical Hardware Spending Growth Surges Over 80% in Japan

Japan’s optical hardware spending surge continued for the fourth quarter in a row with an extraordinary 82% year-over-year increase in the first quarter of 2019.

Record Spending on Cloud Operator Optical Networks Drives Growth in 2018

Cloud operator spending on optical hardware grew almost 50 percent year-over-year to reach well over over $1 billion in 2018, according to the most recent (4Q18) Optical Customer Markets Report from research firm Cignal AI.

Long-Haul Deployment Growth Sets Stage for Increased Spending in 2019

Long-haul WDM deployments rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2018 (4Q18) with growth of nearly 20 percent, fueled by a reversal of almost two years of a terrestrial spending decline in North America and a year-over-year surge in Japan.

2018 Cloud and Colo Optical Equipment Spending Will Exceed $1.4 Billion

Incumbent operator spending in Asia remains strong and now represents 35% of all optical hardware spending worldwide according to the 3Q18 Optical Markets Report.

200G to Capture Over a Quarter of Coherent WDM Market in 2018

Infinera + Coriant Challenge Ciena for Compact Modular Market Leadership

Optical Hardware Revenue Growth by Region (3Q18)

Cignal AI Increases Forecasts for Asia Based on Strong 3Q18 Results

Optical Hardware Report Shows 8th Consecutive Quarter of Spending Declines in North America Despite Strength of Cloud and Colo Market

Cignal AI Reports Record Cloud and Colo Optical Hardware Spending

Ciena Leads Sales to North American Cloud/Colo Operators as Spending Increases 6 Percent Quarter-Over-Quarter; Huawei Sees Strong Demand from Chinese Cloud Giants

Cignal AI Welcomes Scott Wilkinson as Lead Analyst for Optical Hardware Segment

Addition Will Expand Coverage of New Applications for Optical Hardware and Custom Research Capabilities

Compact Modular Optical Equipment Market on Track to Break $1 Billion in 2018

Cignal AI Raises CY18 200G and 400G Coherent Forecasts

Cignal AI Reports 2Q18 EMEA Optical Spending Offset Weakness in North America

Huawei Reports Record Revenue in China During ZTE Shutdown

Cable MSO Spending Increases Sharply in North America

Ciena and Infinera Continue to Take Share in Cloud Market

Cignal AI Increases 100G Forecast as Low-Cost Pluggable Module Demand Expected to Soar in 2021

Optical Applications Report Provides In-Depth Analysis of Coherent Port Shipments by Speed

Optical Hardware Revenue by Region (1Q18)

Optical Hardware Spending Grows in Europe, Asia Pacific in 1Q18, While North America Falls Flat

Cignal AI Enhances Quarterly Optical Hardware Reports with New Market Tracker Offering Real-Time Visibility into Individual Vendor Results

Cignal AI Increases 400G Forecast, Citing Flexibility of Technology and Expanding Applications

Compact Modular Optical Hardware Outpaces Projections as Adoption Extends Outside Cloud and Colo Customers

Optical Hardware Revenue by Region (4Q17)

2017 Optical Hardware Spending Ends on High Note in APAC and EMEA

 Cignal AI Quarterly Optical Hardware Report Also Reveals Lower-than-Anticipated North American Sales

Cignal AI Cuts 2018 EMEA Forecasts in Optical Hardware Report

Quarterly Shipments of Coherent 100G+ Ports Exceed 100,000 Units for the First Time

Cignal AI Reports Unexpected Drop in Cloud and Colo Provider Spending

Optical Customer Market Report Finds Ciena and Cisco Outperforming Peers in Cloud & Colo Market

Cignal AI Issues Industry’s First Forecast for 400G Coherent WDM Shipments

Optical Applications Report Reveals Market Share for Coherent 100G Shipments and Rapid Growth in Compact Modular equipment for Second Half of 2017

Cignal AI Report Examines Growing Demand for Optical Equipment in China

Quarterly Optical Hardware Report Details Record Shipments of 100G Coherent Ports and North American Market Share Growth for Ciena and Cisco

Cignal AI Sees Demand for 100G+ Coherent WDM Shifting from China to Western Markets

Half of Worldwide Metro Deployments Expected to be 200G in 2017, Fueled by Cloud/Colo Providers and Increased Interest in DCI by Incumbents

2016 Optical Hardware Spending Growth

Metro WDM Spending Growth to Surge in 2017

Chinese spending jumped 19% in 2016 and should surprise skeptics in 2017

Metro Coherent 100G Accelerates Optical Equipment Growth in 3Q16

High capacity data center interconnect platforms and speeds beyond 100G are a major catalyst

Optical Equipment Spending in China Up 25% Year over Year

100G technology makes China the largest global market for optical equipment for the first time