PacketLight Vendor Summary Report

The company has been an innovator in Compact Modular transport hardware for more than 20 years.

Cisco 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Optical hardware sales shake off a depressed 2023; Acacia 400ZR shipments resume growth

Coherent 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

800G accelerates Datacom revenue growth while lead times shorten.

Lumentum 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Datacom is the only highlight this quarter, but it’s a very bright one. The wait for a Telecom turnaround will be a bit longer.

Nokia 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical sales fell -40% YoY as Service Providers tapped the spending brakes worldwide.

Ciena 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena leverages relationships with hyperscalers to push into Europe.

Compact Modular Hardware

This report provides historical information, industry context, and product examples of our classification of Compact Modular systems.

Datacom Optical Industry Tracker

This report tracks the component suppliers that enable the 400GbE+ Datacom Transceiver ecosystem. It includes an overview of the types of transceivers employed, the key components that are used in those transceivers, and which vendors supply those components.

OFC 2024 – What We Learned

This is a summary of how OFC 2024 and the conversations we had there shaped our thoughts.

OFC 2024 Marketwatch Presentations

Trends in operator spending, datacenter optics, and sanity checking the optics forecast for AI applications.

Infinera 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Driven by sales to Cloud operators, full year 2023 revenue came in at a record $1.3B.

Applied Optoelectronics 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Providing an update to our 1Q23 vendor summary and updating AOI’s quarterly results for 4Q23.

OFC 2024 Preview

Key themes to watch – AI, 800G, and everything else

Lumentum 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Revenues continue to be in the doldrums and the slowdown is expected to continue for a couple of quarters before growth returns.

Coherent 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Coherent calls the bottom in the Telecom optical components market while capitalizing on the AI-fueled Datacom boom.

Nokia 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Optical and routing results point to growing weakness in North American carrier capex.

The Move to Coherent Inside the Datacenter

Does the higher performance offered by coherent optics offer a compelling use case inside the datacenter?

Ciena 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Sales to Cloud operators powered $3B in optical revenue for 2023.

Coherent Port Pricing Trends (1Q24)

The price of bandwidth ($/Gbps) has declined consistently every year except 2021. In this updated report, we analyze the most recent data to determine if the trend is continuing.

Coherent 3Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Coherent’s revenue declined in all segments, but the company’s forecast for a return to growth in 2024 remains unchanged.