Research Analyst – Boston, MA

We are seeking a hardworking, resourceful and creative individual who will lead data gathering, analysis and tabulation across our initial service areas. You will design, build and maintain Cignal AI’s quantitative research back-end infrastructure.

In conjunction with the market analyst team, you will directly engage with clients and industry sources to gather, process and verify market data. You will monitor earnings announcements and calendars as well as news feeds for the portfolio of companies covered by Cignal AI in order to maintain our front-end customer-facing content.

Experience in market research and statistical methods or comparable knowledge is highly preferred. Knowledge of the networking equipment and components industry is preferred but not required. A working knowledge and interest in investing concepts as well as corporate balance sheets and P&L is desired.


  • Ability to lead quantitative research process, including data collection and tabulation, data presentation, and analysis.
  • Ability to construct and maintain forecasting models for use by market analysts.
  • Strong work ethic coupled with an ability to solve problems outside of comfort zone. Continuously looking to grow and improve skill set.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and dedication to customers.
  • BA/BS in a relevant field (e.g., statistics, mathematics, computer science).
  • Extensive experience with Excel as database and some experience with architecture and management of relational databases.
  • Experience with front-end (HTML, JavaScript) and back-end web design (PHP, Ruby, Python) or customizing CMS systems (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) a major plus.
  • US Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Lead Analyst, Optical Components

Lead Analyst, Broadband Access & Video

Lead Analyst, Network Switching & Routing

We are seeking experienced senior level analysts to initiate research and lead coverage in several areas. They must:

  • Possess and communicate a comprehensive understanding of end markets on both the commercial and technical side. This understanding should have been obtained through an accomplished work history of building, architecting, or selling the products in the particular area of coverage.
  • Design, maintain and deliver insightful qualitative and quantitative research for clients by drawing on a variety of information sources and perspectives to present a complete and unique understanding of the market.
  • Identify and build relationships with a wide range of industry participants at the component, equipment, and end-user levels.
  • Communicate and connect effectively with people from engineering and executive management backgrounds both in person and in writing. This requires clear written communication skills as well as a natural affinity for quantitative analysis.
  • Above all, enjoy the building process of putting various components of information together to form a comprehensive bigger picture, and have a bias for action.

Primary experience and knowledge of the area of coverage is strongly preferred. Direct experience as an industry analyst is not required if the  candidate has developed proficiency in the core skills in previous work experience.  An intrinsic component of Cignal AI’s success is that our research draws on both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds.

Lead Analyst Job Requirements:

  • Identify, cultivate, and develop working relationships with existing and emerging industry participants. Work with them to assemble, review and confirm data.  Test educated hypothesizes and analysis when primary sources are not available.
  • Construct and maintain quantitative market sizing and forecasts; provide qualitative data to defend these opinions.
  • Compose research notes on area of coverage. Provide active insight into issues of importance to the industry. Communicate with a unique perspective and voice that is valued by clients.
  • Inspire confidence among clients as a well-respected source of facts and opinions in areas of coverage. Speak directly with customers to present opinions as well as at public industry events.
  • Actively collaborate with other analysts at Cignal AI to ensure coherence across coverage areas.
  • Continuously define and update areas of coverage based on market trends and client requirements.

In addition to the above, our Lead Analysts need to be comfortable working independently, be able to travel regularly without restriction, and have US citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Submissions from recruiters are not welcome.

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