Why Choose Research from Cignal AI?

  • We have real-world, hands-on experience in networking technology. Our senior analysts have a combined experience of over four decades of engineering experience working in the industry, allowing them to conduct research and produce analysis with an informed perspective.
  • We deploy modern software to create and deliver our research. Our research is built on a technology stack that combines cloud databases, modern data visualization tools, real-time publishing, and easy online access to reports.
  • We pursue both quantitative and qualitative research. Our work is equally focused on both gathering concrete quantitative data and communicating unique and informed analysis. Quality analysis is built on data, and accurate data can only be gathered from an informed observer.

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Optical & Packet Transport Equipment Reports

Optical and packet transport equipment forms the backbone of the global internet and accounts for over $20B in worldwide capital expenditure each year. The underlying architecture of these networks is changing as cloud operators and traditional service providers blur the lines that divide optical transport and packet switching and routing. These functions are now merging at the hardware and management layer into a single transport function. We structure our market research to provide a comprehensive picture of this market transition.
transport report outline
Cignal AI research covers the transport equipment market from three different perspectives:
  • Transport Hardware tracks the vendors that sell optical and/or packet transport hardware and provides detailed market share, forecasts, and vendor profile reports.
  • Transport Customer Markets measures the amount of transport hardware equipment purchased by operators representing several customer verticals. The report also tracks equipment vendor market share to measure the share each vendor has of these markets.
  • Transport Applications focuses on the rapidly growing parts of the optical and packet transport market – detailed coherent port shipments and market share, and sales of equipment designed to support the fastest growing portions of the market such as compact modular equipment sales for disaggregated applications and Packet-OTN switches.

Report Benefits

  • Flexible purchasing. All reports may be purchased by annual subscription or by single issue. A small company discount is available to those that qualify.
  • Company-wide subscription access. Subscriptions are site based, not seat based, so research can be shared freely within organizations.
  • Real-time reporting on company results. Our modern software infrastructure allows us to gather results quickly and efficiently for timely analysis. We are consistently the first to publish final quarterly results and deliver them to clients.
  • User-friendly analysis. Rather than using static data structures to illustrate market information, we provide easy-to use interactive tables with simple control as well as online data visualization tools that display real-time data as it is collected. Both formats give clients the option to customize views and focus on what is most important for their information needs.
  • Unlimited open inquiry on reports. Clients are welcome and encouraged to discuss our reports, industry trends, and topics of interest to their business with us.
  • Live presentations. Each quarter, clients can participate in presentations highlighting quarterly analyses and observations.
  • Vendor profile reports. Reports highlighting key observations on revenue and market results for select vendors are issued each quarter.
  • Active Insight included. Cignal AI’s real-time news reporting on important market events is provided with all reporting subscriptions


Cignal AI develops, markets and administers webinars for client companies. We assemble and segment the webinar audience invitation according to client objectives, and work with presenters to develop a format that is informative, engaging, and well executed. Post event analysis and metrics are also provided and you can also view replays of past webinars. Please contact us for details and our upcoming webinar schedule.

Custom Research

Cignal AI provides custom research and consulting services to established customers and vendors in the industry as well as start-ups and the financial investment community. Projects include supporting merger and acquisition due diligence, speaking engagements, and custom research projects. Contact us to learn more.