Unlocking the benefits of converged IP and Optical Transport

Join Cisco, Colt, and Telefonica to learn how operators can deliver more capacity from a smaller network footprint with reduced power consumption and operational complexity.

Building Networks with Pluggable Optics

Pluggable coherent optics are changing how networks are built. Learn how to leverage this technology to fit your requirements.

Maximizing Network Performance with 1.2 Terabit Coherent Optics

The latest 120+ GBaud coherent technology is arriving.

100ZR – Coherent Optics at the Network Edge

Learn How Network Operators Will Build and Deploy Coherent Technology In Access Networks

Using 400ZR+ To Deploy IP over DWDM

Pluggable coherent deployments are underway. Learn how this powerful technology is transforming network architecture.

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Beyond 400ZR – Expanding the Reach of Pluggable Coherent

Learn How High-Performance Coherent Pluggables Can Address a Broad Set of Network Applications

Webinar – How 400ZR Impacts Networks in 2021

Get ready for the 2021 rollout with commentary from Inphi, Arista, and Microsoft on evaluation results and plans for rolling out 400ZR in 2021.

Webinar – Open Optical Networking

Explore a New Era of open Transport Networking. Hear Infinera & Telefonica’s Perspective on defining and delivering open optical networking.

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Expanding Our Market Research to Include Packet Networks

Cignal AI invites you to attend an overview presentation about the expansion of Cignal AI’s optical hardware research to include comprehensive coverage of packet switching and routing in service provider transport networks.

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Webinar – Disaggregated Optical Networks

Forward-looking operators use disaggregation to build agile optical transport networks.


Optical Market Trends Now: ADVA

On August 2, 2018 Cignal AI hosted its first webinar Optical Market Trends Now: ADVA

Lead analyst Andrew Schmitt joined Ulrich Dopfer, ADVA CFO and Stephan Rettenberger, ADVA Senior VP of Marketing and Investor Relations to provide their various perspectives on the optical industry.