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On August 2, 2018 Cignal AI hosted its first webinar Optical Market Trends Now: ADVA

Lead analyst Andrew Schmitt joined Ulrich Dopfer, ADVA CFO and Stephan Rettenberger, ADVA Senior VP of Marketing and Investor Relations to provide their various perspectives on the optical industry, including;

  • Current trends in the DCI market and ADVA’s strategic outlook
  • Discussion of the compressed timelines and lifecycles of large cloud operators, and how vendors can differentiate themselves when operators pursue hardware disaggregation.
  • Emerging trends in the Ethernet access and 5G markets—what to look for in the next 12 months.

Missed it? Watch a full replay here:

We’ve also provided a PDF version of the transcript available for download.

Download PDF

Date: Thursday, August 2, 2018

Time: 10 AM Boston/New York – 4 PM Munich

Duration: 30 min + Q&A

Attendees: Limited to network operators, registered investors, and Cignal AI clients.


Stephan Rettenberger – SVP Marketing & Investor Relations, ADVA
Andrew Schmitt – Lead Analyst, Cignal AI
Ulrich Dopfer – CFO, ADVA