Transport Hardware Report

Report Overview:

Tracks the vendors that sell optical and/or packet transport hardware and provides detailed market share, forecasts, and vendor profile reports.

  • 6 Global Regions: North America, EMEA, Japan, China, RoAPAC, CALA
  • 4 Optical Equipment Categories: SONET/SDH, Metro WDM, Long Haul WDM, Submarine
  • 4 Packet Transport Equipment Categories: Access, Aggregation, Edge, Core
  • Detailed forecasts for each region and category

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Latest Reports

Ciena 1Q21 Vendor Summary Report
Ciena's revenue decline this quarter was steeper than our forecast, but the company is poised to grow revenues based on the success of its WaveLogic 5e 5th generation coherent... (Read more)
4Q20 Transport Hardware Report
North American optical and packet transport spending plummeted in North America as Tier 1s concentrated COVID-related capex in the first half of the... (Read more)
Infinera 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Infinera originally expected its ICE6 technology to enter the market in the second half of 2020. The company’s current guidance now indicates a 2H21 arrival. Infinera reports a strong order pipeline but has not specified exactly when the first ICE6 will ship for... (Read more)
Nokia 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Nokia fared better than its largest competitors in 2020 as it ended the year flat YoY but carrying significant momentum – especially in routing – as it heads into... (Read more)
Juniper 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Juniper exceeded expectations in 2020, a notable feat as the overall market was difficult for switching and routing. Much of the company's success comes from its recently diversified customer base away from Tier 1... (Read more)
Cisco 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Cisco's transport product line had a tough 2020 as the company introduced new products in the middle of a pandemic. Sales also declined sharply in Q4, reflecting a slowdown in the NA... (Read more)
Fujitsu 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Fujitsu's revenues shifted from NA to Japan in 2020 as legacy platform revenue has declined. However, the company's compact modular strategy is taking off in Japan and will grow in NA in... (Read more)
Ciena 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report
Ciena's sales declined last quarter, primarily due to weakness in NA optical sales. Gen5 coherent (800Gbps-capable) port shipments topped 3600 shipped to... (Read more)

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Report Information

Summary This report tracks service provider optical and packet transport revenue across all regions and equipment types. We collect shipment information and guidance directly from individual equipment companies each quarter, and allocate each company’s revenue to regions and product categories. Forecasts are based first on expected spending trends in each region and the equipment types with those regions.
Methodology We classify vendor revenue into specific categories according to the systems named in our vendor table. Companies may provide public guidance but in some cases we make estimates based on external sources, such as consumption of components from the supply chain and end user feedback.
Market Size and Share Report includes revenue based market size and share for all categories in all regions.
Deliverables Excel file with complete data set, quarterly Powerpoint summary, and Transport Equipment Active Insight, including a detailed summary of market performance for the report period.
Forecast 5 Years with annual market size totals. No market share forecasts.
Historical Start Date 2014 (Optical) 2018 (Packet)
Companies Adtran, ADVA, Alaxala, Ciena, Cisco, Ekinops, Ericsson, Fiberhome, Fujitsu, Fujitsu NC, Huawei, Infinera, Juniper Networks, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Nokia, Padtec, RAD, Ribbon Communications, Tejas Networks, Telco Systems, Xtera, ZTE
Last Published Report March 04, 2021
Upcoming Publication Dates May 31, 2021
August 31, 2021
November 29, 2021
March 03, 2022

Category Information

SONET/SDH Legacy TDM switching systems without OTN or WDM functionality NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
WDM Metro WDM systems with lower density or with features optimized for shorter reach applications; Includes OTN and Ethernet switching systems; Includes common equipment revenue; May include proportion of revenue from one single product designed to address both metro and long haul. NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
WDM Long Haul WDM systems with higher density or with features optimized for longer reach applications; Includes OTN and Ethernet switching systems; Includes common equipment revenue; may include proportion of revenue from one product designed to address both metro and long haul NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
WDM SLTE WDM equipment used for submarine applications; Includes both line-terminating equipment (dry plant) as well as common equipment (wet plant); Does not include installation or maintenance services NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
Access Single RU packet equipment at end customers / Enterprises. Includes carrier Ethernet switches that provide circuit emulation and Layer 3 capabilities. NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
Aggregation Shelf based packet equipment deployed by service providers to end customers / Enterprises. Includes devices that provide carrier Ethernet and Layer 3 capabilities. NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
Edge Packet equipment deployed at the edge of the network with more functionality. Edge routers connect the core network to enterprise networks and access networks. NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC
Core Packet equipment at the center of the metro/core network that routes all services in the area. Core routers do not generally distinguish between low speed and high speed, as all interfaces are equivalent. Speeds supported are generally higher than 100GbE. NA, EMEA, CALA, China, Japan, RoAPAC

System Information

Adtran Opti-3/6100, TA5000 ONE
Ciena 3500, 6500
Cisco NCS2000
Fujitsu NC Flashwave 4100ES, Flashwave 4500
Huawei Optix SDH Systems
NEC DW7000
Nokia 1850 TSS
Ribbon Communications BG, NPT, XDM
Tejas Networks TJ1400, TJ1400
ZTE ZXMP S-series, ZXMP M-series
Adtran TA5000 ONE
ADVA Cloudconnect, FSP3000, Teraflex, OptiDriver
Ciena Waveserver, 4200, 6500, Z series, 6500 RLS
Cisco NCS1000, NCS2000, NCS4000
Ekinops 360
Ericsson Fronthaul 6000
Fujitsu Flashwave 7040, Flashwave 7500/S, Flashwave 9130/40, Flashwave 9500, 1Finity S100
Fujitsu NC 1Finity, Flashwave 7500, CDS
Huawei OSN 902, OSN 1800, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, 6100/6020/6040
Infinera Cloud Xpress 1 & 2, XTG series, XTM series, 7100, Groove G30/G40, mTera
Juniper Networks BTI7800, BTI7000
Mitsubishi Electric MF-8800GW-XC
NEC DW7000
Nokia 1830 PSI, 1677, 1830 PSS, Wavelite
Padtec i6400G, MPD 1200
Ribbon Communications NPT, OPT9600, OPT9900
Tejas Networks TJ1600, TJ1600
ZTE ZXONE 7000, ZXONE 9700
Ciena Waveserver, 6500, 6500 RLS
Cisco NCS1000
Fujitsu Flashwave 9130/40, Flashwave 9230
Fujitsu NC 1Finity
Huawei OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, BWS series
Infinera DTN, XT-500/3300/3600, Groove G30/G40, hiT 7300
Mitsubishi Electric MF-8800GW-XC
NEC DW4200/4000
Nokia 1677, 1830 PSS
Ribbon Communications NPT
Ciena Waveserver, 6500, 6500 RLS
Cisco NCS1000
Fujitsu Flashwave 9230
Huawei OSN 8800
Infinera XTS-3300/3600, Groove G30/G40
Mitsubishi Electric MF-6900GWS
NEC DW4200/4000
Nokia 1677, 1830 PSS
Ribbon Communications NPT
TE Conn Legacy SLTE and new wet plant
Xtera Nu-Wave Optima; includes wet plant
ADVA FSP150 series
Alaxala AX3800S
Ciena 3900 series
Cisco Catalyst 9200/9300/9400, NCS 1002
Ericsson 6671, 6671, 6672, 6471, 6371
Fujitsu Flexihaul
Huawei S2000, S2300
Infinera 7090
Nokia 7210 Service Access Switch
Ribbon Communications Neptune 10xx, NPT
Telco Systems T-Marc series
ADVA FSP150 series, FSP Metro Aggregation
Alaxala AX8600S, AX8300S, AX4600S
Ciena 6500 PTS, 8180 CNP, 8700 Packetwave, 5100 series
Cisco Catalyst 9500/9600, NCS 5000/5500
Ericsson 6274, 6273, 6671, 6671
Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 5310
Huawei AR Series, S5600, S5300, S3900, S3500, S3300, S3000
Infinera DRX, 8600
Juniper Networks ACX5000
Nokia 7450 ESS
RAD ETX-5, ETX-1300
Ribbon Communications Neptune 1200, Neptune 1300, Neptune 1800, NPT
Tejas Networks TJ1400, TJ1600, TJ1400, TJ1600
Telco Systems T-Metro series
ZTE ZXR10 6800
Alaxala AX8600R
Cisco NCS 6000 Series
Huawei NE8000, NE40E, NE80/40, NE20, CX600, MSCG, PTN3900/1900, PTN950/912/910, ATM910/950/980
Juniper Networks MX2000, MX10000 series
Nokia 7250 Interconnect Router, 7705 Service Aggregation Router, 7750 SR-s, 7750 Service Router
Ribbon Communications NPT
ZTE ZXR10 M6000
Cisco CRS-X
Huawei NE9000, NE5000E/80E
Juniper Networks PTX10000 series, MX2000, T640/1600/4000
Nokia 7950 ERS
Ribbon Communications NPT
ZTE ZXR10 T8000