About Us

Modern Market Research

Cignal AI provides active and insightful market research for the networking component and equipment market as well as its end customers. Our work blends expertise from a variety of disciplines to offer a unique, informed perspective on the continuous evolution of networking communications.  We provide research reports and consulting services to network operators, hardware and component vendors, start-ups and the investment community.

Who We Are

Cignal AI was founded in 2016 by Andrew Schmitt, who worked extensively in the networking industry; first, as an engineer and manager focused on semiconductors, then as a senior analyst at research firms. Unsatisfied with the reporting status quo, he established an organization that joins industry insight with market research and continually communicates with clients. Our work is founded in both quantitative and qualitative analysis because we believe one cannot be performed accurately in the absence of the other.

Andrew is joined by Scott Wilkinson, Ph.D. who also has over two decades of experience in the optical network market, including senior positions in product management, systems engineering, and marketing. Anna Villani develops and supports our technical infrastructure, while Christine Schmitt sees to our client relationships and marketing endeavors.

How We Operate

We believe the word staccato should describe music, not market research. But that’s how most research firms publish: A quick flurry of noise, followed by a silent pause until the next new flurry arrives.

Cignal AI pursues reporting differently. We are inspired by the reporting methods used by the financial research community, whose clients put a premium on rapid, concise, unique information. Our firm’s publishing is real-time so that our clients have the information necessary to make faster and more impactful market decisions.

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