AI Deployment Accelerates 800GbE Optical Growth

Coherent optics growth is healthy but Telecom component market remains in doldrums

Cloud Spending on Optical Transport Jumps 46% in 4Q23

Traditional Service Provider Spending Remains Weak

30% of Metro WDM Hardware Spending to Shift to Router-hosted Coherent Pluggables

IPoDWDM represents a $1.6B Opportunity by 2026

WDM Transport Spending Weakens During 2Q23

Network Operators Absorb Inventory and Pause Orders

Linear Drive will be a Small Fraction of 800GbE Market

Promise of Power Reduction but Challenges Will Limit Deployment

100ZR Coherent Pluggable Deployment Begins in 2024

Will Provide the Greater Uplink Bandwidth Needed for Access Network Upgrades

Datacenter Optical Component Revenue Rebounds 14% in 3Q22

400GbE Optical Module Unit Shipments up 50%

Optical Transport Hardware Sales - North America - 4-Quarter Average

North American WDM Transport Spending Surpasses Pre-Covid Levels

Optical and Packet Transport Spending Weaker in EMEA and Asia

Datacom Optical Component Revenue Nearly $5B in 2021

Almost 2M 400GbE Transceivers Shipped for Datacenter Applications

Shipments of 400ZR Pluggable Coherent Modules Jump in 4Q21

Pluggable Coherent shipment volumes are expected to triple in 2022

IP-over-DWDM and Coherent Pluggables to Impact Metro WDM Spending

Metro forecasts cut as historical growth rate of 6% is expected to flatten by 2023

North American Optical Transport Spending to Accelerate

Long-Haul WDM Spending Mix Reaches Record Levels

Cignal AI Welcomes New Analyst Kyle Hollasch

Addition Brings Unique Perspective and Expands Firm’s Research Coverage

Spending Rebounds for Worldwide Optical and Packet Transport

Long Term Chinese Capex Growth Trend Slows

400G+ Coherent Optics Shipments Triple During 2020

Ciena Accounts for Nearly Half of 3rd and 5th Gen Coherent Ports

North American Cloud and Traditional Telco CapEx Drops in Fourth Quarter

But a return to Growth in NA is expected in 2H21. Exceptional 4Q APAC Cloud & Colo Operator Spending.

North American Transport Spending Plummets in Q4

Purchases of optical and packet transport hardware dropped sharply in the fourth quarter as operators exhausted capex earlier in the year.

Dramatic Shift in Network Operator Spending on Optical and Packet Transport Gear in North America

Expenditures by North American cloud and colocation operators on optical and packet transport equipment declined 20 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20), while incumbent operator spending increased 2 percent.

Compact Modular Grows Faster Than Overall Optical Market in 3Q20

Global compact modular revenue grew 24 percent in the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20) over the prior year, versus just 7 percent for the total optical market.

EMEA Optical and Packet Transport Spending Bounces Back in 3Q20

European operators resumed purchases of optical and packet transport hardware in 3Q20 as COVID-related supply chain and operational delays eased.