Ciena’s buying two firms so it can bring more to the edge

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Ciena’s acquisition of Tibit and Benu

Smartoptics Takes Leading Role in Sustainable Optical Networking

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Smartoptics IP-over-DWDM initiatives

ECOC 2022 Reflections

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson’s thoughts on ECOC 2022

InnoLight’s New Pluggable Coherent Module Underscores Companies’ Commitment to Driving 10G to 100G Transition

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Innolight’s new 100ZR module

Source Photonics Wins ECOC Industry Award for its 400G QSFP-DD and 100G QSFP28 PAM4 Products

Mentioned: Andrew Schmitt on Source Photonics ECOC award

SubTel – Locating Historical Submarine Cables

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch contributes to SubTel Forum Magazine

Cisco Helps Service Providers with Advancements to Its Converged Network Solution

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Cisco’s Routed Optical Networking Architecture

Marvell Achieves Industry-Leading DSP Shipment Milestone

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Marvell shipping 100k 400G coherent DSPs.

Lightreading Video Interview: OFC2022

Phil Harvey Interviews Andrew Schmitt at OFC 2022

OIF 1Q22 Member Meeting Results in New Projects

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on the OIF’s role in the success of 400ZR

Nokia showcases Coherent Routing solution for IP-optical networks

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Nokia IP over DWDM demo

Marvell logo

Marvell and OE Solutions Lead the 10G to 100G Transition

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Marvell and OE solutions announcement.

Acacia Unveils 1.2T Multi-Haul Pluggable Module

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Acacia’s new product announcement

ADTRAN, ADVA to merge for metro to access play

Mentioned: ADTRAN and ADVA have announced a merger

OFC2021 Marketwatch SOTI Slide

OFC21: Marketwatch State of the Industry

Quick thoughts on equipment spending trends as well as a current view on the role of pluggable coherent modules.

Marvell Announces DSP for Pluggable Markets

Marvell, in conjunction with newly closed acquisition Inphi, announced it’s latest generation 400ZR DSP – Deneb.

650K Coherent Ports Shipped by Cisco and Acacia

In conjunction with OFC, Cisco published a note quantifying the total volume of coherent ports shipped with Acacia and Cisco technologies combined.

Preview Video for OFC 2021 – Part 1

In a video produced by OFC, Scott Wilkinson previews the important topics expected during OFC 2021 such as embedded optics and fifth-generation coherent & pluggable optics.

Inphi Announces Production Ramp of 400ZR and ZR+ QSFP-DD Transceivers

Inphi announced that the development of its 400ZR module is complete and that the products have reached production availability.

Telia Carrier Leans on Pluggable Optics for a Simpler Network

Lightreading covered an announcement by Telia Carrier that it was one of the first major network operators to use pluggable 400ZR and OpenZR+ coherent modules.