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Gazzettabyte asked a number of people in the optical industry to share their thoughts after attending OFC 2024 in San Diego, including what developments and trends they noted, what they learned, and what, if anything, surprised them. Kyle weighed in with a thoughtful perspective that expanded on the detailed notes in our Active Insight report – OFC 2024 – What We Learned.

At OFC, it became clear that the pendulum of interest and investment had swung inside the data centre. Short-reach optical interconnect will dominate the show for the foreseeable future.

The proceedings and demos on the transport side struck me as a requiem for high-performance coherent optics. Has the arms race that for 15 years steadily marked progress in optical networking, punctuated by OFC announcements, run its course... continued

— Kyle Hollasch, Lead Analyst for Transport Hardware at Cignal AI

OFC 2024 Reflections – Part 3