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Juniper, Coherent, and Marvell demonstrated the first 800ZR module operating in a router, using a Marvell Orion DSP, Coherent 800ZR module, and Juniper PTX1002 Packet Transport Router. There were a number of 800ZR demonstrations at the show, but this was the only one operating in production hardware. Scott provided perspective on the 800ZR market opportunity.

As pluggable coherent optics become smaller and more capable, they will increasingly dominate the telecommunications industry. 800ZR doubles the available speed of the wildly successful 400ZR, providing a low-cost, low-power solution which eliminates the need for large, custom optical equipment in data center interconnections. Looking ahead, we expect to see pluggable 800G shipments approaching 500k annually by 2028.

Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst Optical Components, Cignal AI

Coherent Corp., Juniper Networks and Marvell Deliver Public Demonstration of Industry-First Comprehensive 800ZR System at OFC’24