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The OIF invited Andrew Schmitt to speak at its quarterly meeting on January 17th, 2024. Andrew discussed the pluggable coherent market and the success of 400ZR – a result of the OIF providing clear and effective leadership. He also addressed the market opportunity for 800ZR and 800GbE optics for linear Drive (LPO) and AI applications.

“OIF is an excellent forum for establishing standards on rapidly emerging technologies, and it is well-positioned to tackle the tough problems network operators and their suppliers face. This meeting’s kick off of the 1600ZR+ process – a third generation follow up to the hugely successful 400ZR project – marks a major milestone for the industry. Further increasing the ease of deployment for 400ZR technology via CMIS is also a very valuable endeavor. I’m excited about these OIF initiatives and very pleased to offer Cignal AI’s current perspective on the market to such a capable and effective audience.” – Andrew Schmitt, Directing Analyst at Cignal AI

OIF Launches 1600ZR+ Coherent Optical, Retimed Tx Linear Rx Optical Energy Efficient Interfaces Projects and Common Management Interface Specification White Paper at Q1 2024 Technical and MA&E Meeting