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Acacia announced its upcoming 800ZR product line based on its new Delphi coherent DSP. These modules support both ZR and the OpenROADM based ZR+ specification with interoperable PCS interfaces. The 131Gbaud PCS provides additional OSNR margin needed for longer spans. The pluggables will be available in both QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors, and have >1dBm transmit output power. Samples are in 2Q24.

The success of ZR+ at 400G was largely driven by its performance and interoperability, which enabled a multi-source environment to emerge. The interoperability now being proposed with 800G – not only in short distance applications (800ZR), but also in long distance (800G ZR+​) – expands the environment even further. Interoperable PCS will take the market for 800G pluggables beyond simple DCI into regional and even long-haul networks.

Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst Optical Components, Cignal AI

Acacia Introduces 800ZR and 800G ZR+ with Interoperable PCS in QSFP-DD and OSFP