Source Photonics Wins ECOC Industry Award for its 400G QSFP-DD and 100G QSFP28 PAM4 Products

Mentioned: Andrew Schmitt on Source Photonics ECOC award

SubTel – Locating Historical Submarine Cables

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch contributes to SubTel Forum Magazine

Cisco Helps Service Providers with Advancements to Its Converged Network Solution

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Cisco’s Routed Optical Networking Architecture

Marvell Achieves Industry-Leading DSP Shipment Milestone

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Marvell shipping 100k 400G coherent DSPs.

Lightreading Video Interview: OFC2022

Phil Harvey Interviews Andrew Schmitt at OFC 2022

OIF 1Q22 Member Meeting Results in New Projects

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on the OIF’s role in the success of 400ZR


Nokia showcases Coherent Routing solution for IP-optical networks

Mentioned: Kyle Hollasch on Nokia IP over DWDM demo

Marvell logo

Marvell and OE Solutions Lead the 10G to 100G Transition

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Marvell and OE solutions announcement.

Acacia Unveils 1.2T Multi-Haul Pluggable Module

Mentioned: Scott Wilkinson on Acacia’s new product announcement

ADTRAN, ADVA to merge for metro to access play

Mentioned: ADTRAN and ADVA have announced a merger

OFC2021 Marketwatch SOTI Slide

OFC21: Marketwatch State of the Industry

Quick thoughts on equipment spending trends as well as a current view on the role of pluggable coherent modules.

Marvell Announces DSP for Pluggable Markets

Marvell, in conjunction with newly closed acquisition Inphi, announced it’s latest generation 400ZR DSP – Deneb.

650K Coherent Ports Shipped by Cisco and Acacia

In conjunction with OFC, Cisco published a note quantifying the total volume of coherent ports shipped with Acacia and Cisco technologies combined.

Preview Video for OFC 2021 – Part 1

In a video produced by OFC, Scott Wilkinson previews the important topics expected during OFC 2021 such as embedded optics and fifth-generation coherent & pluggable optics.

Inphi Announces Production Ramp of 400ZR and ZR+ QSFP-DD Transceivers

Inphi announced that the development of its 400ZR module is complete and that the products have reached production availability.

Telia Carrier Leans on Pluggable Optics for a Simpler Network

Lightreading covered an announcement by Telia Carrier that it was one of the first major network operators to use pluggable 400ZR and OpenZR+ coherent modules.

OIF Completes Transport SDN API Interoperability Demonstration

OIF members participated in a ten-week long interoperability testing exercise in Telefonica’s Madrid lab in order to conduct a multi-vendor demonstration within Telefonica’s network with participation from China Telecom and TELUS.

Acacia Strengthens Portfolio with New Coherent Bi-Directional Pluggables

Acacia announced further enhancements to its 100G coherent pluggable product line targetted at edge and access applications.

1Q20 network operator capex jump didn’t help everyone

Lightwave published an article summarizing 1Q20 optical hardware results using data from our report.


Nokia launches WaveFabric Elements optical portfolio for 400G ecosystem

Nokia launched it’s 5th generation coherent solution. This includes new PSE-5 DSPs, new CSTAR silicon photonics from its Elenion acquisition, and pluggable CFP2-DCO and QSFP-288DD pluggable modules.