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Marvell today announced it has shipped 100,000 coherent DSPs capable of 400G operation. Cignal AI classifies this coherent DSP technology as Gen60C: capable of 60+ GBaud and use in pluggable form factors. Marvell also relied on Cignal AI’s projections of 150,000 400Gbps pluggable modules to be shipped by mid-2022.

“This milestone clearly demonstrates Marvell’s successful leadership in creating and growing a complete 400Gbps pluggable ecosystem for coherent DSPs. Marvell’s abilities as a module vendor, supplier to other 400Gbps module vendors, and direct supplier to equipment manufacturers uniquely positions the company as a leading supplier of 400Gbps-capable pluggable optics.” – Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst for Optical Components at Cignal AI

Marvell Achieves Industry-Leading 100,000 400G Coherent DSP Shipment Milestone