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Nokia announced the launch of its sixth-generation Gen120P coherent optics, the PSE-6s. The new coherent optics claim to reduce power by 60% and support single wavelength speeds up to 1.2Tbs and 800Gbs over distances of 2,000km. The company cited Cignal AI research showing that network capacity from coherent optics is expected to grow at a rate of over 40 percent per year over the next four years.

Coherent interfaces are close to reaching the theoretical maximum capacity of fiber. But successive generations continue to provide tremendous value by transporting more data per wavelength, improving energy efficiency, and supporting the latest Ethernet rates. The PSE-6s brings these advances to Nokia’s broad portfolio of optical networking platforms with support for terabit wavelengths, multi-terabit line cards, and 800GE rates over distance – all while reducing power per bit.

— Kyle Hollasch, Lead Analyst for Transport Hardware at Cignal AI

Nokia launches next-gen coherent optics to reduce network power consumption by 60 percent