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It’s official: OFC is back. The event’s attendance was strong, and Cignal AI was able to meet in person with almost all the vendors we had hoped to see. Cignal AI was a lead organizer for the conference, and Scott, Kyle, and Andrew deftly juggled the duties of OFC Chair, moderator and panel speaker while still finding time to sit down for one-on-ones with a range of clients and network operators.

Unlike in years past, there were no blockbuster announcements at the show – we think this is likely due to some conservative planning after delayed events for the last two years. However, after so much waiting and anticipation, there was an overwhelming enthusiasm for seeing people face to face again. Here are the key technology takeaways from OFC 2022:

  • Gen60C (400Gbps Pluggables) – Fragmentation, but in a Good Way
  • High-Performance Coherent – Battle of the Bauds
  • 800GbE Data Center Optics Appear in the Wings
  • Co-Packaged Optics Continue to be Controversial
  • Two New Coherent DSPs Emerged
  • Coherent LR – not Coherent Lite or Coherent Minus
  • OTN is Dead – Long Live OTN
  • Summary – Business Outlook
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