Cisco/Acacia Announces 1.2Tbps DSP and Coherent Module

Acacia moves past 90+ GBaud directly to 120+

Ciena 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena starts out the second half of 2021 strong, but supply chain headwinds threaten further growth.

2Q21 Transport Customer Markets Report

Optical spending by North American Traditional Telco carriers declined YoY; Cloud & Colo optical spending worldwide slowed as NA spending stalled.

2Q21 Transport Hardware Report

First-quarter 2021 worldwide optical hardware spending was down slightly YoY, Chinese optical hardware spending was down significantly.

Cisco 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

It was a big quarter for 600G coherent port shipments and sales to Cloud Operators.

Nokia 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Consistent worldwide results and a new effort to close the coherent gap with DCOs.

Infinera logo

Infinera 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

More ICE6 trials and wins as Infinera now ships for revenue; 600bps port shipments rebound.

ADVA 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Record Q2 profitability – Sales hit by 10% due to supply chain issues – EMEA continues to rebound

OpenROADM Update

AT&T disclosed it deployed OpenROADM-based networks across a dozen US metros, nearly 5 years after the project’s inception

OFC 2021: 400ZR/ZR+ Coherent Pluggables

After years of anticipation, 400G pluggable digital coherent optics (DCO) will finally achieve general availability and initial deployment in 2021.

1Q21 Transport Applications Report

400Gbps+ port shipments doubled YoY, 400ZR ports started to ship, and compact modular sales significantly outperformed the overall optical hardware market this quarter.

OFC21: 800G Coherent and Beyond

Several vendors are shipping 800Gbps capable coherent optical solutions, and now the industry must consider the next steps in development.

Ciena 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena is well-positioned to return to growth in the second half of 2021 as multiple factors align in its favor. 

OFC21: Co-packaged Optics

Co-packaged optics (CPO) moved from hero experiments to discussions of commercial roadmaps this year. In this update from OFC21, we cover the key points about CPO discussed at the show.

5th Gen Coherent Trials and Deployments

Cignal AI continues to track announcements of 5th generation (800Gbps-capable, 90+ GBaud) optical trials and deployments.

Infinera Investor Day 2021

Infinera provided new details on ICE6, XR Optics, Groove Compact Modular, and opportunities to displace Huawei.

TeliaCarrier 400ZR Plans

Telia Carrier – Open Optical Networks and 400ZR

TeliaCarrier’s plans for deploying 400ZR and growing its network post-COVID

Tencent, Coherent CFP2 ZR+ and Optical White Boxes

Chinese webscale operator Tencent has been developing its own white box for optical transport. In this report we provide more details of Tencent’s work, including its adoption of CFP2 400Gbps optics.

The Growth of Compact Modular in APAC

Compact Modular sales (and hence disaggregation) have historically lagged in APAC versus the rest of the world, so APAC’s sudden and extraordinary growth over the past few quarters means that something has changed and deserves a closer look.

400ZR+ First Field Trial

Windstream announced it performed a field trial of Acacia 400ZR+ modules in Cisco compact modular equipment. This is a notable event because it is the first public trial of extended reach 4th gen pluggable coherent 400ZR+ modules and the first demonstration of 400ZR+ modules using the larger CFP2 format.