3Q21 Transport Hardware Report

Optical forecasts were reduced by $1.1B worldwide in 2025 due to a shift of coherent optics into router-based DCO’s.

Infinera 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

ICE6 ships in volume, but supply chain challenges keep revenue flat.

II-VI 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Despite supply chain issues, II-VI expects revenue growth in optical communications and consumer components.

400ZR IPoDWDM – Market Impact and Forecast

How will the adoption of 400ZR and ZR+ pluggable coherent modules impact Metro WDM equipment spending?

Lumentum 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Lumentum’s revenue above guidance was overshadowed by the announcement to purchase Neophotonics.

Lumentum & Neophotonics Merger

Cignal AI’s observations on the proposed merger.

Nokia 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical business declined against an elevated 3Q20, while packet sales continued their steady growth.

400ZR vs 800G – Classifying Coherent Technology

The historical classification of coherent optical technology (Gen1, Gen2, etc.) is no longer sufficient. Therefore, Cignal AI will now recognize and classify coherent DSP technology by its maximum baud rate and whether the DSP is optimized for Performance or Compact applications.

2Q21 Transport Applications Report

Compact modular sales again outperformed the overall optical hardware market while Packet-OTN sales declined. 400ZR is shipping but is supply limited.

Cisco/Acacia Announces 1.2Tbps DSP and Coherent Module

Development moves past 90+ GBaud directly to 120+

Ciena 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena starts out the second half of 2021 strong, but supply chain headwinds threaten further growth.

2Q21 Transport Customer Markets Report

Optical spending by North American Traditional Telco carriers declined YoY; Cloud & Colo optical spending worldwide slowed as NA spending stalled.

OpenROADM Update

Nearly 5 years after the project’s inception, AT&T disclosed it has deployed OpenROADM-based networks across a dozen US metros.

OFC 2021: 400ZR/ZR+ Coherent Pluggables

After years of anticipation, 400G pluggable digital coherent optics (DCO) will finally achieve general availability and initial deployment in 2021.

OFC2021 Marketwatch SOTI Slide

OFC21: Marketwatch State of the Industry

Quick thoughts on equipment spending trends as well as a current view on the role of pluggable coherent modules.

OFC21: 800G Coherent and Beyond

Several vendors are shipping 800Gbps capable coherent optical solutions, and now the industry must consider the next steps in development.

OFC21: Co-packaged Optics

Co-packaged optics (CPO) moved from hero experiments to discussions of commercial roadmaps this year. In this update from OFC21, we cover the key points about CPO discussed at the show.

GEN90P Coherent Trials and Deployments

Cignal AI continues to track announcements of 5th generation (800Gbps-capable, 90+ GBaud) optical trials and deployments.

Infinera Investor Day 2021

Infinera provided new details on ICE6, XR Optics, Groove Compact Modular, and opportunities to displace Huawei.

TeliaCarrier 400ZR Plans

Telia Carrier – Open Optical Networks and 400ZR

TeliaCarrier’s plans for deploying 400ZR and growing its network post-COVID