High Speed Datacenter Optics Take Center Stage at OFC23

OFC23 will offer an opportunity to see how much further and faster direct detect optics will take communications inside the data center

Smartoptics Vendor Summary Report

Smartoptics is a small but rapidly growing company riding the wave of open networking, disaggregation, and IP-over-DWDM.

3Q22 Optical Components Report

400GbE shipments recovered from last quarter’s dip leading to a strong revenue quarter for Datacom. Telecom optical component revenue grew as more than 61k Gen60C modules shipped in the quarter.

Ciena 4Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena’s revenue declines again, but growth is on the horizon as its supply chain problems improve.

Marvell 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Fresh insights on Marvell’s current and future plans for optical networking.

3Q22 Transport Applications Report

Gen60C modules drive coherent bandwidth growth this quarter while Compact Modular and ROADM equipment sales outperform.

3Q22 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

North American Cloud operators were the growth engine for optical and packet transport sales, supply chains remained strained.

Infinera 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Product revenue jumps 20%, while ICE6 shipments accelerate.

Coherent 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Coherent’s Datacom sales grew more than 10% this quarter and in contrast to Lumentum’s more pessimistic outlook. the company was optimistic about future datacom sales.

Lumentum 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Lumentum’s Telecom revenue grew dramatically thanks to recent acquisitions, while Datacom is entering a difficult couple of quarters.

Nokia 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s routing and optical businesses are weathering a downturn in EMEA with increasing success in North America and RoAPAC.

Ciena Ups its Router Game to Address the New Metro

Introduces a new, high capacity aggregation router to address emerging metro requirements.

Previewing 800/1.6Tbs Client Optics

Understanding the next wave of 100Gbps and 200Gbps PAM4-based modules

Ciena 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue declined -21% due to unexpected supply chain problems.

ECOC 2022 Show Report

Big news coming next year on 1.6T client optics, 200GBaud technology, and a bevy of new coherent DSPs

ECOC 2022 – Fracturing of the 400ZR Market

Market Focus Slides Available for Download

Cisco PONC 2022 – Observations and Thoughts

Cisco Packet Optical Networking Conference advanced the RON strategy.

II-VI and ADVA announce a shakeup in the 100ZR market

These companies announced a collaboration on QSFP28 100ZR modules. This report is Cignal AI’s analysis of that announcement and its implications.

Coherent Port Pricing Trends (1Q22)

Cignal AI revisits our Coherent Pricing Trends report from 2019 and provides an update based on recent technology advances.

Coherent Forecast Updates – Adding 800ZR and 1.2Tbps Ports

Cignal AI has updated forecasts for coherent ports in the Transport Applications Report.