Transport Customer Markets Report

Report Overview:

Measures transport hardware equipment spending from different network operator markets.

  • Incumbent, Wholesale, Cloud & Colo, Cable MSO & Broadband, Enterprise & Government
  • Includes capex breakout of operator spending on both optical and packet equipment
  • Detailed spending forecasts for each network operator type on a regional basis

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3Q20 Transport Customer Markets Report

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Report Information

SummaryThis report tracks optical and packet transport equipment spending by end customer market type. We collect shipment information and guidance directly from individual equipment companies each quarter, and allocate each company’s revenue according to each end market. Forecasts are based on expected spending trends by customer market on a regional basis.
MethodologyAll revenue shipped to a given network operator is classified as a single category. For example, all revenue shipped by Ciena to AT&T, or Nokia to Telefonica is classified as Incumbent revenue. Individual customers are listed in each of the end market categories. This approach reduces subjectivity, as vendors do not know what application equipment assumes when it is shipped to a given customer. The results provide a more accurate estimate of how much equipment is purchased from each end customer market.
Market Size and ShareReport includes revenue based market size for all end customer markets in all regions, as well as equipment vendor market share per market.
DeliverablesExcel file with complete data set, quarterly Powerpoint summary, and Transport Equipment Active Insight, including a detailed summary of market performance for the report period.
Forecast5 Years with annual market size totals. No market share forecasts.
Historical Start Date2014 (Optical) 2018 (Packet)
CompaniesAdtran, ADVA, Alaxala, Ciena, Cisco, Ekinops, Ericsson, Fiberhome, Fujitsu, Fujitsu NC, Huawei, Infinera, Juniper Networks, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC, Nokia, Padtec, RAD, Tejas Networks, Ribbon Communications, Telco Systems, Xtera, ZTE
Last Published ReportDecember 01, 2020
Upcoming Publication DatesMarch 15, 2021
June 18, 2021
September 15, 2021
December 15, 2021

Category Information

IncumbentProvide a broad service offering to both businesses and consumers, may have history of government regulation. Examples: China Mobile, NTT, KDDI, Softbank, DT, AT&T, Telefonica, BT, Etisalat, Windstream, Centurylink. Also includes wireless focused operators such as Bouygues Telecom, SFR, Vodafone, Sprint, Bharti Airtel, America Movil, Etisalat, Yota, MTNNA, EMEA, CALA, APAC
Cloud & Colo(Report includes equipment vendor market share for this category) Internet content, public cloud computing, or neutral colo providers. Examples: Google, Microsoft Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Equinix, DRT, InterxionNA, EMEA, CALA, APAC
WholesaleEnterprise and wholesale transport service focus; usually lack wired or wireless consumer business. Examples: Teliacarrier Colt, Zayo, CogentNA, EMEA, CALA, APAC
Cable MSO & BroadbandWired consumer access via coax, DSL, or fiber. Comcast, Virgin Media, Rogers, Shaw, Altibox, Sky, Charter, Free, J:COM, K-OpticomNA, EMEA, CALA, APAC
Enterprise & GovernmentMedium & Large enterprises that purchase equipment directly from manufacturer or reseller to support connectivity for non-telecom core businesses; Equipment resold by other service providers for managed services is not included. Banking, Government, Utilities, Education, othersNA, EMEA, CALA, APAC

System Information

AdtranOpti-3/6100, TA5000 ONE
ADVACloudconnect, FSP3000, Teraflex, OptiDriver, FSP150 series, FSP Metro Aggregation
AlaxalaAX8600R, AX8600S, AX8300S, AX4600S, AX3800S
CienaWaveserver, 3500, 4200, 6500, Z series, 6500 RLS, 6500 PTS, 8180 CNP, 8700 Packetwave, 5100 series, 3900 series
CiscoNCS1000, NCS2000, NCS4000, CRS-X, NCS 6000 Series, Catalyst 9500/9600, NCS 5000/5500, Catalyst 9200/9300/9400, NCS 1002
EricssonFronthaul 6000, 6274, 6273, 6671, 6671, 6672, 6471, 6371
FujitsuFlashwave 7040, Flashwave 7500/S, Flashwave 9130/40, Flashwave 9230, Flashwave 9500, 1Finity S100, FLASHWAVE 5310, Flexihaul
Fujitsu NCFlashwave 4100ES, Flashwave 4500, Flashwave 7500, CDS
HuaweiOSN 902, OSN 1800, OSN 6800, OSN 8800, OSN 9800, Optix SDH Systems, 6100/6020/6040, BWS series, NE9000, NE8000, AR Series, NE5000E/80E, NE40E, NE80/40, NE20, CX600, MSCG, PTN3900/1900, PTN950/912/910, ATM910/950/980, S5600, S5300, S3900, S3500, S3300, S3000, S2000, S2300
InfineraCloud Xpress 1 & 2, DTN, XT-500/3300/3600, XT-500/XT-3300, XTS-3300/3600, XTG series, XTM series, 7100, Groove G30/G40, hiT 7300, mTera, DRX, 8600, 7090