Cisco 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue from cloud operators continues to grow while Acacia leads Gen60 market share categories in 1Q22.

II-VI 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Despite significant supply chain pressures, II-VI posted positive results for the quarter and highlighted better results in the second half of the year.

Lumentum 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Despite another quarter of revenue declines, Lumentum is more optimistic about double-digit revenue growth in the second half of 2022 and throughout 2023.

4Q21 Optical Components Report

This inaugural report commences Cignal AI’s complete coverage of Optical Components, including both revenue and detailed component shipments.

II-VI 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Optical component revenue was down slightly for the quarter, but strong Datacom results and indicators of future growth are grounds for optimism.

Lumentum 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Although Lumentum posted revenue declines in both Telecom and Datacom, segments the company is optimistic about long-term growth in the two markets.

Marvell 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Marvell’s Industry Analyst Day provided excellent insight into the company’s views on the roadmaps for intra-datacenter and pluggable coherent optics.

3Q21 Optical Components Report

Initial Optical Components report, in Beta – for access to the report, please contact [email protected].

II-VI 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Despite supply chain issues, II-VI expects revenue growth in optical communications and consumer components.

Lumentum 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Lumentum’s revenue above guidance was overshadowed by the announcement to purchase Neophotonics.

Lumentum & Neophotonics Merger

Cignal AI’s observations on the proposed merger.