OFC 2016 Preview

OFC is just a few short weeks away now, and some key themes are coming into focus for the conference. Registered users may read this article, no subscription required.Continue…

Lumentum 4Q15 Earnings Call

Lumentum is the second largest optical component supplier and like Finisar, a bellwether of demand for both telecom and datacom equipment. We look at why their ROADM business is ramping…

Intel logo

Intel 4Q15 Earnings Call

Virtually all of the CPUs used in data centers come from Intel, therefore the Data Center group sales are a useful macro barometer for the growth and outlook of data…

Adtran 4Q15 Earnings Call

Adtran has a small optical transport business, but it’s strength in access makes it a good bellwether for tier-1 spend.
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Verizon 4Q15 Earnings Call

Verizon talks mobile fronthaul and datacenter business sales.
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Ciena buys TeraXion InP Modulator Assets for $32M

Ciena applies for membership to the exclusive Indium Phosphide club.Continue Reading