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Fourth generation coherent optics – 400ZR – were conceived as a solution to connect metro datacenters for a few large cloud operators. But this 400G application has since evolved into a much bigger opportunity, backed by $300M+ of investment by component and equipment vendors. Interest in this area continues to accelerate as the industry recognizes the market opportunity for the next step in the evolution of coherent technology.

Cignal AI detailed the evolution of 3rd generation coherent technology (ReportPresentation) earlier; this report explores the opportunity for the 4th generation.

The arrival of standardized, pluggable 400ZR and derivative technologies – fourth generation coherent – is poised to be the most disruptive event in optical hardware since the advent of coherent 100G in 2010.

Report Outline:

  • 400ZR Background and Use Cases
  • Current Investments in 400ZR by Vendor
  • Expanding the market for 400ZR – ZR Plus and 100ZR
  • Coherent Pluggables Can Disrupt the Market
  • Summary
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