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Last Updated November 2, 2023

This report is updated regularly as Gen120 (1.2/1.6Tbs) coherent trials and deployments are announced publicly.


This report tracks publicly announced terrestrial trials and network wins by vendors of Gen120+ coherent optics.

  • Gen120 is defined as any coherent technology with a top baud rate of at least 120GBaud. This includes both Performance (P) and Compact (C) optics, both of which will be tracked here.
  • At this time, any maximum baud rate above 120GBaud is included in this tracker. This includes the 200GBaud solution announced by Ciena.
  • Only publicly announced trials and customer wins are tracked. Each point on the graphs below can be traced to a press release or other public announcement, listed at the bottom of this report for reference.
  • Some trials are designed to demonstrate the maximum performance of the optics, while others are performed on real-world networks with sub-optimal characteristics (e.g. multiple ROADMs, older fiber, etc.). This tracker merely reports the data released, not the relative merits of each announcement.
  • Only terrestrial wins are tracked, as submarine builds are atypical.

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