Coherent 1Q23 Vendor Summary Report

The last bastion of optimism in optical components has reported revenue well below guidance as inventory absorption affects the entire industry.

Lumentum 1Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Revenue tumbled across the board as customers adjust inventory.

4Q22 Optical Components Report

Datacom and Telecom revenue was up for the year, but headwinds are pushing down forecasts for both revenue and shipments in the first part of 2023.

Lumentum 4Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Ongoing inventory absorption and supply chain issues depress Lumentum’s datacom revenues, while telecom revenues return to growth.

100ZR: Coherent at the Network Edge

An in-depth look at the catalysts, potential, and outcome of the 100ZR market.

Coherent 4Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Coherent posted a very strong quarter with double-digit gains in both Telecom and Datacom as the company sees no slowdown in demand for optical components.

3Q22 Optical Components Report

400GbE shipments recovered from last quarter’s dip leading to a strong revenue quarter for Datacom. Telecom optical component revenue grew as more than 61k Gen60C modules shipped in the quarter.

Marvell 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Fresh insights on Marvell’s current and future plans for optical networking.

Coherent 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Coherent’s Datacom sales grew more than 10% this quarter and in contrast to Lumentum’s more pessimistic outlook. the company was optimistic about future datacom sales.

Lumentum 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Lumentum’s Telecom revenue grew dramatically thanks to recent acquisitions, while Datacom is entering a difficult couple of quarters.

Previewing 800/1.6Tbs Client Optics

Understanding the next wave of 100Gbps and 200Gbps PAM4-based modules

2Q22 Optical Components Report

Pluggable 400Gbps optics continues to drive Telecom bandwidth as operators migrate away from lower speeds. Datacom component shipment growth slowed this quarter, but revenue for Datacom is still growing faster than in any other optical segment.

II-VI 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

II-VI acquires Coherent and releases a new coherent DSP during a quarter of growth.

Lumentum 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Lumentum completed its acquisition of Neophotonics and acquired IPG’s module business, moves signaling increased focus on the telecom module market.

1Q22 Optical Components Report

It’s all about the supply chain again this quarter, but signs point to gains in the second half of the year. 400GbE datacenter optics and 400Gbps pluggable telecom optics are driving their respective segments.

Marvell 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Marvell reported strong datacenter DSP growth and reached the milestone of 100k units shipped of coherent Gen60C DSPs, indicating a healthy market for high-speed optics.

Cisco 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue from cloud operators continues to grow while Acacia leads Gen60 market share categories in 1Q22.

II-VI 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Despite significant supply chain pressures, II-VI posted positive results for the quarter and highlighted better results in the second half of the year.

Lumentum 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Despite another quarter of revenue declines, Lumentum is more optimistic about double-digit revenue growth in the second half of 2022 and throughout 2023.

4Q21 Optical Components Report

This inaugural report commences Cignal AI’s complete coverage of Optical Components, including both revenue and detailed component shipments.