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Cignal AI has issued the 3Q21 Transport Customer Markets Report. This report tracks optical and packet transport hardware purchases across four global regions from Incumbent, Wholesale, Cloud & Colo, Cable MSO & Broadband, Enterprise & Government network operators. It details vendor market share and provides a forecast for equipment sales to each operator type.

Report Highlights

  • Optical spending by Traditional Telco operators (Incumbent & Wholesale Network Operators) fell YoY for the fourth straight quarter as declines in APAC outpaced gains in NA, EMEA, and CALA. Excluding APAC, the Traditional Telco market grew 6%.
  • Cloud & Colo optical spending worldwide grew 9%, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. YoY growth was led by NA and EMEA, while APAC and CALA declined.
  • Following massive growth in 2020, Enterprise & Government optical spending declined YoY for the second straight quarter. Conversely, packet spending in Enterprise and Government increased YoY for the third straight quarter following significant declines in 2020.
  • Global Cable / MSO transport spending has been flat across packet and optical for the past three years, with a global spend of $600M.  Rolling four quarter optical spending is down 6% from 3Q20, while packet is up 2%.

Optical Customer Market Report subscribers can now download the final 3Q21 Excel file and register for a Live Presentation on January 6th, 2022.

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