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4Q20 Transport Customer Markets PPT

Cignal AI has issued the 4Q20 Transport Customer Markets Report. This report tracks optical and packet transport hardware purchases across four global regions from Incumbent, Wholesale, Cloud & Colo, Cable MSO & Broadband, Enterprise & Government network operators. It details vendor market share and provides a forecast for equipment sales to each operator type.

Highlights this quarter:

  • NA spending on optical and packet hardware by Traditional Telco operators (Incumbent and Wholesale) declined significantly in the 4th quarter.
  • APAC Cloud & Colo spending on optical hardware expanded dramatically during the 4th quarter while spending from these operators declined in EMEA and NA.
  • NA weakness and APAC growth resulted in a decline in Cloud & Colo market share for Ciena and a gain for Huawei this year.
  • Huawei maintained market share leadership for the year with both optical and packet transport equipment sales to Traditional Telcos in every region but NA.
  • Enterprise & Government spending on optical hardware was surprisingly resilient during a year in which it was expected to decline due to COVID pressures.
  • Packet Transport hardware sales were down for the year in every segment of the market and for every region except APAC.
  • Transport markets should return to growth in the second half of 2021 as COVID restrictions are lifted, operational difficulties are resolved, and businesses resume normal operations.

Optical Customer Market Report subscribers can now download the latest Excel file and register for a Live Presentation on March 17th, 2021.

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