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This report finalizes our full transport equipment market share analysis and updated forecasts. It is released once results for the current quarter (3Q20) are complete. Clients could see company results as they were released during the quarter via the Transport Hardware real-time dashboard, a service unique to Cignal AI.

Subscribers to the Transport Hardware Report can download an Excel file with actual results through 3Q20 along with detailed, up-to-date forecasts. A complete pdf document of this report is also available. A live presentation is available to clients, offering an opportunity to hear details on the numbers and ask questions of the analysts. See below for a recording of the live presentation held on December 8, 2020.

Report Info Real-time dashboard Excel PowerPoint PDF Live Presentation

Release Notes

  • The online version of this report provides interactive and customizable versions of all included tables.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all percentages in this report are year-over-year growth.
  • All Juniper results have been adjusted. Enterprise switching sales have been removed from the Access and Aggregation numbers. Router management software sales have been removed from the Core and Edge numbers.
  • Cisco’s Packet Transport numbers in Japan were recalculated on Dec. 7. All earlier Q3 reports and all Q2 reports overstated Cisco sales in the region.
  • Ciena’s July-end quarter and Cisco’s October-end quarter are reported as calendar 3Q20.
  • All sales data for Fiberhome is estimated.

A summary of the market during 3Q20 follows.

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