Ciena 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena has a record revenue quarter – and record backlog as supply chain challenges continue.

3Q21 Transport Hardware Report

Optical forecasts were reduced by $1.1B worldwide in 2025 due to a shift of coherent optics into router-based DCO’s.

Infinera 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

ICE6 ships in volume, but supply chain challenges keep revenue flat.

Nokia 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical business declined against an elevated 3Q20, while packet sales continued their steady growth.

Ciena 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena starts out the second half of 2021 strong, but supply chain headwinds threaten further growth.

2Q21 Transport Hardware Report

First-quarter 2021 worldwide optical hardware spending was down slightly YoY, Chinese optical hardware spending was down significantly.

Cisco 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

It was a big quarter for 600G coherent port shipments and sales to Cloud Operators.

Nokia 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Consistent worldwide results and a new effort to close the coherent gap with DCOs.

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Infinera 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

More ICE6 trials and wins as Infinera now ships for revenue; 600bps port shipments rebound.

ADVA 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Record Q2 profitability – Sales hit by 10% due to supply chain issues – EMEA continues to rebound

Ciena 2Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena is well-positioned to return to growth in the second half of 2021 as multiple factors align in its favor. 

1Q21 Transport Hardware Report

First quarter optical spending was down compared to the Covid-impacted 1Q20. Packet transport sales, which suffered a year ago from operational issues, increased sharply.

Nokia 1Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Exceptional optical and packet hardware sales. Significant wins, despite delays in next generation coherent optical technology, will provide momentum for the year.

Infinera 1Q21 Vendor Summary Report

ICE6 is shipping to customers, while 600Gbps port shipments grow and support for 400Gbps pluggable optics is added to existing systems.


ADVA 1Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Record Revenue and Orders – North America Rebound Coming – Components Become 10% of Business During Next Three Years

Ciena 1Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena’s revenue decline this quarter was steeper than our forecast, but the company is poised to grow revenues based on the success of its WaveLogic 5e 5th generation coherent technology.

4Q20 Transport Hardware Report

North American optical and packet transport spending plummeted in North America as Tier 1s concentrated COVID-related capex in the first half of the year.

Infinera 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report

Infinera originally expected its ICE6 technology to enter the market in the second half of 2020. The company’s current guidance now indicates a 2H21 arrival. Infinera reports a strong order pipeline but has not specified exactly when the first ICE6 will ship for revenue.

Nokia 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia fared better than its largest competitors in 2020 as it ended the year flat YoY but carrying significant momentum – especially in routing – as it heads into 2021.

Juniper 4Q20 Vendor Summary Report

Juniper exceeded expectations in 2020, a notable feat as the overall market was difficult for switching and routing. Much of the company’s success comes from its recently diversified customer base away from Tier 1 concentration.