3Q22 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

Optical sales declined due to supply chain and currency effects, while routing hardware sales continue to grow.

Infinera 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Product revenue jumps 20%, while ICE6 shipments accelerate.

Nokia 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s routing and optical businesses are weathering a downturn in EMEA with increasing success in North America and RoAPAC.

Ciena 3Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue declined -21% due to unexpected supply chain problems.

2Q22 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

North American Cloud operators were the growth engine for optical and packet transport sales, supply chains remained strained.

Infinera 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Product revenue jumps 13%, while ICE6 shipments are flat.

Nokia 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Battling supply chain constraints and currency fluctuations, Nokia’s optical and packet businesses maintain flat YoY growth.

Ciena 2Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena grows packet revenue 72% and WaveLogic port shipments recover. But annual guidance is lowered due to persistent supply chain concerns.

1Q22 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

First-quarter 2022 worldwide optical hardware spending increased 2.5% YoY, while packet gained 2%. North America led growth in both categories.

Cisco 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue from cloud operators continues to grow while Acacia leads Gen60 market share categories in 1Q22.

Nokia 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Stung by supply chain difficulties, Nokia’s optical business declined, while packet continued to outperform.


ADVA 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Record company revenue. North America rebounds. Price hikes will take effect in second half ’22

Ciena 1Q22 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena grows hardware revenue 9% and lays the foundation for double-digit growth in 2022.

4Q21 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

Fourth-quarter 2021 worldwide optical hardware spending increased 3.5% YoY. Declines centered in APAC for the second consecutive quarter, while all other regions grew YoY.

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Infinera 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Quarterly and annual revenue hit records while ICE6 shipments double.

Nokia 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s packet and optical businesses performed well in North America while slowing in traditional stronghold EMEA.

Fujitsu 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Fujitsu’s North American revenues finally returned to growth as wireless fronthaul and compact modular revenue grew.

Ciena 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena has a record revenue quarter – and record backlog as supply chain challenges continue.

3Q21 Transport Hardware Report

Optical forecasts were reduced by $1.1B worldwide in 2025 due to a shift of coherent optics into router-based DCO’s.

Infinera 3Q21 Vendor Summary Report

ICE6 ships in volume, but supply chain challenges keep revenue flat.