1Q24 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

Ex-China, revenue drops as service provider spending continues to stall.

PacketLight Vendor Summary Report

The company has been an innovator in Compact Modular transport hardware for more than 20 years.

Cisco 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Optical hardware sales shake off a depressed 2023; Acacia 400ZR shipments resume growth

Nokia 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical sales fell -40% YoY as Service Providers tapped the spending brakes worldwide.

Ciena 1Q24 Vendor Summary Report

Ciena leverages relationships with hyperscalers to push into Europe.

Compact Modular Hardware

This report provides historical information, industry context, and product examples of our classification of Compact Modular systems.

Infinera 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Driven by sales to Cloud operators, full year 2023 revenue came in at a record $1.3B.

4Q23 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

Cloud Spending on Optical Transport Jumps 46% in 4Q23, Traditional Service Provider Spending Remains Weak

Nokia 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Optical and routing results point to growing weakness in North American carrier capex.

Ciena 4Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Sales to Cloud operators powered $3B in optical revenue for 2023.

3Q23 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

The optical market grew 4% – cloud operators continue to invest in transport and vendors are still shipping against large backlogs.

Fujitsu 3Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Fujitsu faces headwinds as weakness in Japan combines with the end of fronthaul sales in NA. Can the 1FINITY Ultra Optical System help it break into new markets?

Nokia 3Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Optical and routing point to growing weakness in North American carrier Capex.

Ciena 3Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Optical revenue grew 27% as its large backlog is turned into revenue.

2Q23 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

Optical sales slowed due to inventory absorption and macroeconomic concerns, but routing sales continued to grow.

Nokia 2Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical business continues to grow but routing sales abruptly pull back.

Ribbon Vendor Summary Report

Despite is relatively small size, Ribbon offers a complete IP/optical solution and is a challenger for Tier 1 business.

Ekinops Vendor Summary Report

France-based Ekinops has grown rapidly on a reputation for customer attentiveness and product focus.

1Q23 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

North American Cloud operators were the growth engine for optical and packet transport sales.

Nokia 1Q23 Vendor Summary Report

Nokia’s optical and routing businesses post record quarters.