OFC 2018 – Consolidation

Each year, there is at least one announcement at OFC which surprises the industry. In 2016, the announcement was the introduction of Inphi’s ColorZ, while in 2017 it was news of Ciena choosing to license the Wavelogic DSP to module vendors. And yet, OFC2018 delivered a surprise that exceeded both: Lumentum will acquire Oclaro.
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Nistica launches wavelength management products for data center and 5G mobility applications

This was an announcement for Nistica’s new WSS module, code-named Bernoulli, which is designed for use in compact modular optical open line systems. It fits in the size of a CFP2 module and comes in different versions to perform critical monitoring, power balancing, or optical switching functions.

Andrew Schmitt, Lead Analyst at Cignal AI, elaborated further. “The demands of 5G wireless services require high capacity wavelengths at the edge of the network and will require operators to refresh existing front-haul infrastructure. Network operators will use this opportunity to install systems and platforms that allow them to manage and monitor these wavelengths. Nistica’s Bernoulli platform is uniquely suited to address the challenging power management and protection requirements in these applications.”