2Q19 Optical Applications Report

Over a quarter of North American compact modular sales were for long haul deployments as applications continue to expand.

Cisco Buys Acacia

Acacia is a transformational acquisition that can vault Cisco into a market leadership position as the world transitions to disaggregated network design and pluggable, interoperable coherent optics.

1Q19 Optical Applications Report

Cignal AI’s 1Q19 Optical Hardware Applications Report has been issued.

4Q18 Optical Applications Report

Cignal AI’s 4Q18 Optical Hardware Applications Report has been issued.

OFC2019 – Inside the Datacenter

The next major stop on the road to faster speeds in the datacenter is 400Gbps Ethernet, and activity at OFC2019 centered on making this speed a feasible commercial option.

OFC2019 – Coherent Technology

Coherent announcements and roadmaps at the show focused on two themes: lowering the power of coherent technology for use in pluggable applications and increasing baud rates to raise the maximum capacity of a single wavelength beyond 600Gbps. And despite few new ROADM announcements, there was a spirited debate about future ROADM architectures.

3Q18 Optical Applications Report

Cignal AI’s 3Q18 Optical Hardware Applications Report has been issued.

400ZR – The 4th Generation Coherent Opportunity

The arrival of standardized, pluggable 400ZR and derivative technologies – fourth generation coherent – is poised to be the most disruptive event in optical hardware since the advent of coherent 100G in 2010.

Inphi 3Q18 Conference Call

Acacia mentioned data from our Optical Applications report during its calendar first quarter conference call with investors on May 3, 2018. The company referenced our extensive work following the development of the coherent 400G ZR market.

Inphi: Sampling Small Form Factor 64GBaud Quad Coherent TIA and Driver

Prior to ECOC 2018 Inphi introduced the industry’s smallest form factor, lowest power and highest performance 64GBaud quad coherent TIA and driver.

2Q18 Optical Applications Report

Cignal AI’s 2Q18 Optical Hardware Applications Report has been issued.

Cloud Spending on Optical Hardware – 1Q18 Update

In October 2017,  Cignal AI analyzed the occurrence of a slowdown in spending by cloud & colo operators and quantified the magnitude of its impact (see Analysis: 1H17 Cloud and Colo Spending Slowdown).

1Q18 Optical Applications Report

Cignal AI’s 1Q18 Optical Hardware Applications Report has been issued. Its arrival marks the first quarterly release of this report, which will now be standard practice; previously the report was published every six months.

4Q17 Optical Applications Report

The 4Q17 edition of the Optical Hardware Applications report has been released. The report contains details on the following areas:

OFC 2018 – 400G Inside the Datacenter

When the conversation at OFC turned to short reach client optics, faster speeds were the central focus.  Several companies announced products and gave demonstrations of 400G capable technology. The 100G…

OFC 2018 – Coherent Technology

Trends in coherent technology generated enthusiasm among the participants at OFC 2018, and 400G ZR applications were of particular interest. Nokia and Infinera outlined next-generation coherent roadmaps, and Acacia and…

OFC 2018 – Consolidation

Each year, there is at least one announcement at OFC which surprises the industry. In 2016, the announcement was the introduction of Inphi’s ColorZ, while in 2017 it was news…

Inphi Announces World’s First 400Gbps PAM4 Platform Solutions

Inphi announced its 16nm 400Gbps 56GBaud Porrima Single-Lambda PAM4 chip platform. This silicon is required to hit cost points for QSFP56-DD modules that will enable high volume adoption of 400GbE inside data centers.

Investor Call – Piper Jaffray Optical Event

Andrew Schmitt was the featured speaker on an investor call hosted by Troy Jensen of Piper Jaffray on February 21st. Forty-four participants listened in and posed their questions as Andrew…

Inphi 3Q17 Conference Call

Inphi mentioned adjusting internal forecasts for 100G port growth during its third-quarter earnings conference call with investors on October 31, 2017.