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This report includes:

  • Revenue market share results for companies selling Telecom, Datacom, Industrial, and Consumer optical components.
  • Detailed component unit shipments, including coherent and direct detect Telecom modules and 400/800 GbE Datacom modules.
  • Forecasts for revenue and component unit shipments for 2023-2027.

A detailed listing of the product categories and companies tracked can be found on the Optical Components report page. The report will continue to evolve and cover additional telecom and datacom components, including additional datacenter optics, passive components, lasers, and more..

On September 25, 2023, at 11AM EST Cignal AI will give a live presentation of the Optical Components Report. Clients may register to attend by following the link below. A replay and downloadable presentation file will be available after the event.

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Summary and Highlights

Optical Component Revenue and Market Share Highlights

  • Datacom optical component revenue increased 13% from last quarter but was down -10% YoY.
  • Telecom optical component revenue continued its decline this quarter, down
    -20% YoY.
  • Consumer optical component revenue was down -23%, but most revenue is earned in the second half of the year.
  • Industrial optical component revenue declined -16% YoY for the quarter.

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