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Last week, the 2022 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) was held in Basel. By our informal measures of the number of people and companies present, it was the largest ECOC we’ve ever attended, transformed from what is usually a staid technical conference exclusively comprised of component engineers to one packed with commercial and executive attendees. One observer noted that Americans were itching to visit Europe again for the first time in a while and ECOC was the perfect reason. Regardless, the consensus was that the event was a great success, even though operator attendance was slightly muted due to ongoing travel restrictions.

Report Outline

  • General Outlook
  • 400ZR and DR4 Oversupply
  • 100ZR – Elegance vs. Brute Force
  • Everyone’s a fan of 400ZR
  • 800ZR Roadmap
  • 800GbE Inside the Datacenter Begins in 2023
  • Vendors Pursuing 1.6TbE R&D in Earnest
  • Coherent LR – 800 and/or 1.6T
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