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Two years ago, Cignal AI examined trends in coherent optical port pricing and concluded that optical port pricing (price per Gbps) was dropping at a consistent rate of 25-30% per year. The coherent landscape has changed significantly since then with the introduction of high speed Gen90 optics as well as the rapid rise of Gen60C pluggables. In this report, we reassess coherent port pricing under current conditions.

In short, coherent port pricing continues to decline, but the rate has decelerated significantly over the last year. In fact, the rate of decline in 2021 was the slowest since the introduction of coherent optics. Higher speed optics are the primary driver of coherent pricing declines as they continue to reduce overall cost-per-bit.

Report Outline

  • Report Methodology and Metrics – How port pricing trends and individual vendors are evaluated
  • Results – Graphical trends in coherent port pricing over time per vendor and industry-wide average
  • Forecast – Predictions for future reductions in coherent pricing
  • Analysis and Conclusions – Analysis of numbers and key takeaways
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