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North American optical and packet sales continue to rebound despite supply-chain constraints. Excluding NA, both hardware categories declined in 1Q22.

Release Notes

  • All data through 1Q22 is complete, except sales data for Fiberhome and Nokia-Alcatel Submarine Networks are estimated at this time.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all percentages in this report are year-over-year growth.
  • Ciena’s January-end quarter and Cisco’s April-end quarter are reported as calendar 1Q22.

Vendor Summary Reports

Cignal AI’s Vendor Summary Reports focus on the most recent quarterly financial results and items of interest for select vendors. For this quarter, the following vendor reports are available:

The complete 1Q22 Hardware Report, including forecasts through 2026, will be available to all subscribers by June 6th, 2022. You can also register for a live presentation of the report results held at 11AM EDT on June 10th. If you register, you’ll be notified when the slides are available for download.

We’ve combined the written reporting and live presentation for the Transport Customer Markets report (Purchases by Network Operators) with the Transport Hardware Report (Sales by Hardware Manufacturers). Both reports look at the same data (who is buying vs. who is selling) and it was logical to combine them into a single written report and presentation.

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