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Cisco announced its intent to acquire Acacia in July 2019, and Cignal AI still expects this acquisition to close. Acacia is no longer holding quarterly conference calls, but details on its customers and product segments are still available in SEC filings. This likely is the last 10-Q we will ever see from Acacia as the acquisition nears completion.

As a critical supplier for several companies and a broad supplier to the industry at large, Acacia’s results are a bellwether to the industry that will be obscured once Cisco’s acquisition is complete.

This report looks at the most recent results for the company and examines them in the context of historical trends. It is also a useful addendum to our detailed analysis of the acquisition published in July of 2019 (see Cisco Buys Acacia).

  • Modules vs. Semiconductor Shipments
  • Infinera – The Largest Acacia Customer
  • Cisco Purchases Flat
  • ZTE Purchases Decline
  • ADVA and Google
  • Conclusion – Acacia is Diversifying its Customer Base
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