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This report finalizes our full optical equipment market share analysis and includes updated forecasts for the industry through 2023. It is released once results for the current quarter (3Q19) are complete. Clients have been able to see company results as they were released during the quarter via the Optical Hardware Superdashboard, a service unique to Cignal AI.

Subscribers to the Optical Hardware Report can download an Excel file with actual results through 3Q19 along with detailed, up-to-date forecasts. A complete pdf document of this report is also available. A live presentation is available to clients, offering an opportunity to hear details on the numbers and ask questions of the analysts. Follow the link below to watch a replay of the presentation.

Superdashboard Excel PDF PDF Live Presentationl

Release Notes

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all percentages in this report are year-over-year growth.
  • Cisco restated optical revenue for the cable/MSO vertical and Metro WDM hardware segment for all years before 2019. Cisco previously included equipment that did not meet the definition of metro WDM (e.g. analog optical hardware). The impact was 30 to 40 million dollars per quarter in 2018, and Cignal AI has recalculated all 2018 numbers to reflect this change.
  • Ericsson’s Fronthaul 6000 WDM system is now included in the Optical Hardware Report, including historical data through 2018.
  • Annual optical ports were removed from the Optical Hardware Report as a more detailed quarter-by-quarter forecast is included in the Optical Applications Report.
  • Ciena’s July-end quarter and Cisco’s October-end quarter are reported as calendar 3Q19.
  • All revenue data for Fiberhome is estimated.
  • All revenue for Mitsubishi is estimated.

Detailed analysis of the market and its participants during 3Q19 follows.

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