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Gazettabyte discovers that Ciena is actively hiring people to staff an Optical Microsystems Division including internal salespeople tasked to secure market footprint. The goal of this division is ‘to develop and productize electro-optic components and modules for sale to global systems integrator customers to be incorporated in their products for sale to telecom and data network customers’.

Andrew Schmitt provided a quote for the article:

Pluggables are going to become an important opportunity for coherent technology, says Andrew Schmitt, founder and directing analyst at Cignal AI. Schmitt says the next stage of coherent’s development – what he calls the fourth generation of coherent – will be pluggable from the start and more standards-based than any wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) pluggable that has preceded it.

“It will address a large portion of the overall market – not just cloud operator data centre interconnect,” says Schmitt. “Equipment vendors will need to adjust their strategies as many standalone optical hardware applications will be displaced by pluggable coherent.”