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Acacia mentioned data from our Optical Applications report during its third-quarter earnings conference call with investors on November 3, 2017. The company highlighted our unique work to measure and forecast demand for 100G+ coherent deployments at the edge of the network.

Raj Shanmugaraj – CEO

As cloud operators push data closer to the end user, the demand for coherent optical interconnects for distances below 100 kilometers is growing. Industry analyst firm Cignal AI projects that the demand for these edge coherent ports will grow at the rate of 53% in the next 5 years. We believe our high-capacity coherent solutions, like our AC1200, are particularly important in these edge coherent applications where low power consumption and space optimization are important requirements.

He went on to quote our briefing which focused on our coherent technology observations made at ECOC2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. (full briefing here: ECOC2017 – Coherent 100G+)

Our CFP2-DCO product completed the qualification in the third quarter and is getting favorable reviews in the industry. One industry analyst commented in his ECOC coverage brief that our CFP2-DCO is, quote, “unrivaled in performance and power consumption.” As we mentioned during our second quarter earnings call, we have over 15 customers for our CFP2-DCO. Our customers and their end customers are in various stages of qualification or deployment with this product and we anticipate further sales growth as market conditions improve. In China, carriers have adopted DCOs like our CFP module and we anticipate that our CFP2-DCO module will build on the success of our CFPs in that market.

Full transcript at Seeking Alpha.