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Andrew presented “Metro DCI – What’s Next?” at the annual OSA Executive Forum before OFC 2016. His slides focused on the evolution of metro DCI and highlighted the opportunity for metro-access 100G, including coherent and non-coherent approaches.

Co-panelists included Arista and Microsoft. Microsoft used this opportunity to announce it’s intention to deploy InPhi’s ColorZ PAM-4 metro-access 100G technology.

A few notes on the presentation:

  • The long haul 10G market is saturated, meaning there is no more 10G to replace. The market still grows, but incremental capacity is installed at the rate of traffic growth.
  • The information on slide 6 refers to the % of units each technology, not the % of revenue
  • Making predictions in such a nascent market is hazardous, these numbers have been updated since.

Optical Insight subscribers can download the presentation.

Powerpoint (.pdf)