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Optical Transport Equipment Reports

Optical transport forms the backbone upon which the global internet is built and accounts for over $12B in capital expenditure each year. Spending originates from different end markets, is distributed among multiple equipment types and vendors, and impacts multiple applications.

Our work quantifies the optical transport equipment market from three perspectives – Hardware, Customer Markets and Applications – and delivers continuous Active Insight analysis to our clients. Click on the title below for information on what is covered.

Optical HardwareOptical Customer MarketsOptical Hardware ApplicationsActive Insight
Tabulates entire optical equipment market according to hardware based features and capabilities

  • Tracks market share across 6 global regions and four hardware categories
    • North America, EMEA, Japan, China, RoAPAC, CALA
    • SONET/SDH, Metro WDM, Long Haul WDM, Submarine
  • Detailed forecasts by region and category
  • Counts 10/40/100G+ client and line port shipments and provides forecast
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Tabulates entire optical equipment market according to end customer type

  • Covers 4 global regions and five end customer types
    • Incumbent, Wholesale, Cloud & Colo, Cable MSO & Broadband, Enterprise & Government
  • Forecasts by region and category
  • Includes vendor market share for equipment sales to Cloud and Colo customers
  • Follows strict methodology to reduce analyst subjectivity
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Identifies, quantifies, and forecasts portions of optical market that address specific functions or customer applications

  • Tracks market share for Compact Modular (DCI) and Advanced Packet-OTN Switching equipment across 4 global regions
  • Provides forecast by region for both application categories
  • Details coherent and non-coherent port shipments by speed, reach, and technology
    • Long Haul, Metro, and Edge 100G, 200G and 400G+ port shipments and forecast
    • Includes coherent and non-coherent edge breakout as well as 400ZR forecast
    • Also includes detailed shipments of 100/200/400G coherent and non-coherent ports by vendor with quarterly granularity; used to calculate vendor port market share by speed
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This periodic qualitative service provides real-time insight into market events as well as detailed articles and analysis related to subscription areas. It is included with subscription to any optical report.


Optical Component Market Research Reports

Coverage of datacenter and telecom components. Coming soon.