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The convergence of IP and optical network layers with coherent pluggable optics is transforming high-bandwidth network transport.

Network operators are using this transformation to simplify operations with automation and streamlining network topology to better manage deployment lifecycles. These changes are unlocking dramatic savings as operators deliver more capacity from a smaller network footprint with reduced power consumption and operational complexity.

Join us to learn more:

  • See how operator networks are evolving to take advantage of IP and Optical convergence.
  • Learn how to simplify management and operations with unified visibility, insights, and closed loop automation.
  • Hear how coherent interoperability standards are evolving to meet customer requirements.
  • Understand the benefits of both compact pluggable and performance optimized optics in long-haul networks.
  • Discover how operators are using interoperable optics in routers and optical equipment to build efficient networks.
  • Gain insight into how these technologies are reshaping industry spending patterns.


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