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Welcome to TRANSMIT, our monthly summary of our latest research and important trends in the industry.

5th Gen Coherent Trials and Deployments

We're tracking the latest trials and deployments of the latest 5th gen coherent (800G capable, 90+ GBaud) technology. The tracker includes Ciena, Infinera, Huawei, and Nokia so far - and we will keep it updated as more announcements are made.

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Coherent Pricing Trends

In January 2019 we published a Coherent Port Pricing Trends report that showed pricing dropping at a rate of about 26% per year.

In this latest report, we examine pricing stability over the last 12 months as new 3rd generation coherent systems entered the market, and as the deployment of 200Gbps and higher optics ramped around the world.
  • Report Methodology and Metrics – How port pricing trends and individual vendors are evaluated
  • Results – Graphical trends in coherent port pricing over time; per-vendor and industry-wide average
  • Forecast – Predictions for future reductions in coherent pricing
  • Analysis and Conclusions – Analysis of numbers and key takeaways

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Real-Time Reporting

Vendor results from the June quarter are underway - you can already see and download results and estimates for Ciena, Tejas, ADVA, and Juniper.

Every Cignal AI report now includes several ways to access the latest vendor results in real-time:
  • Dashboards with the latest regional and market segment forecasts and real-time market share updates as companies report during the quarter.
  • Excel files that contain a copy of this latest data for local use and customization.
  • Release notes that document these real-time updates to vendor data and forecasts.
We've added the ability to download real-time data in Excel format. The interactive dashboards are still there, and clients who need Excel can download a dynamically updated report.

Report Wrap Up

You may have missed our live presentations of 1Q20 results - PowerPoint files are available as well as replays of the presentations.
1Q20 Optical Hardware
1Q20 Customer Markets
1Q20 Optical Applications

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