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These reports examine recent quarterly results and items of interest about key vendors in the optical market. Occasionally we also write in-depth profiles of companies that we think are interesting.
France-based Ekinops has grown rapidly on a reputation for customer attentiveness and product focus.
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AOI made news recently with its intention to sell its Chinese manufacturing facilities and partnership with Microsoft for laser development.
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We hope you find our weekly earnings call summaries and vendor reports useful. Catch up on what you missed, including our plans for releasing an update to our IP-over-DWDM forecast.
The A.I. messaging was strong but datacenter revenue appears to be bottoming.
The best technical customer conference is back up and running.
Observations on IP over DWDM and the Optical Edge.
Uncovering who uses which DSP, and which DSP vendors ship the most volume.

Transport Hardware Report

  • The worldwide optical market grew by 8% as supply chain constraints eased. Most vendors began to draw down the massive booking backlogs accumulated throughout 2022.
  • The worldwide routing market grew 15%, its fifth quarter of growth in the past six quarters.
  • Supply chains are improving, but the tenuous macroeconomic situation is causing some network operators to postpone delivery of ordered hardware by several quarters.

Transport Applications Report

  • 400ZRx port shipment growth stalled hyperscale users absorb inventory, but it is still up over 65% YoY. More than a quarter of all coherent ports shipped this quarter were 400ZRx.
  • ROADM line card shipments grew 10%, slightly higher than overall optical hardware market performance during 1Q23 (8%).
  • Compact Modular sales again outperformed the overall optical market this quarter and were up +15% YoY worldwide. Sales at Cisco declined -74% as hyperscale customers paused new orders while they absorbed inventory.
  • OTN switching hardware sales grew 15%, marking the third straight quarter of growth following eight consecutive quarters of YoY decline. A spending resurgence in India has primarily driven this growth.

Optical Components Report

  • Datacom optical component revenue plummeted -20% YoY as inventory adjustments by large equipment companies and hyperscale operators hit hard.
  • Telecom optical component revenue was down sharply (-13%) for similar reasons.
  • 400GbE module shipments declined across the board in all reach specifications and from all vendors. DR continues to be the most popular format, with more than 60% of 400GbE ports shipped using that format.
  • A nominal number of 800GbE modules shipped and large-scale shipments will not start until the associated Ethernet switches with 100Gbps PAM4 interfaces are commercially available later in 2023.

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