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Welcome to TRANSMIT, a summary of our latest research and the important trends in the industry.

OFC 2021 Presentations

OFC2021 is about to kick off, although virtually. Cignal AI was closely involved with the planning of this year's event. We will be speaking and also moderating several panels this year, so please join us for the following events:
Embedded Optics for High-Speed Switching
Thursday, June 10th, 14:00 – 15:30 PDT
Explore perspectives from end-users, fabric manufacturers, and innovators in embedded optics on options for embedded optics on switching chips.
State of the Industry
Tuesday, June 8th, 10:30 – 12:00 PDT
Industry and financial analysts present their unique views on the current state of the optical component and equipment market.
Terabit WDM Channels: Beyond 100GBaud Operation
Tuesday, June 8th, 14:30 – 17:00 PDT
Examine the potential DSP, optical, and packaging technologies to make 1Tbps coherent optical systems a reality.

OFC Meetings with Cignal AI

Though OFC is not happening in person, we are treating it as if it was, including an attempt to re-create our typical marathon schedule of OFC 1:1 meetings (50+ for us).

If you're planning announcements, have interesting news to share, or just want to catch up, request an OFC meeting with us and we'll get you on our calendar. We will write up the key announcements and takeaways as best we can.

Active Insight in May

Infinera Investor Day 2021
New details on ICE6, XR Optics, Groove Compact Modular, and opportunities to displace Huawei.
TeliaCarrier 400ZR Plans
Telia Carrier – Open Optical Networks and 400ZR
Plans for deploying 400ZR and growing its network post-COVID.
Tencent, Coherent CFP2 ZR+ and Optical White Boxes
Details on Tencent’s optical white box development, including its adoption of CFP2 400Gbps optics.

OFC Preview Video

ofc2021 preview video
In a video produced by OFC, Scott Wilkinson previews the important topics expected this year such as embedded optics and fifth-generation coherent & pluggable optics.

1Q21 Optical and Packet Results

Optical and Packet Transport vendor results for 1Q21 are nearly complete, and final revenues for most vendors are posted.

Upcoming Events

June 7-10, 2021 - OFC2021 - Schedule meeting with Cignal AI now

September 1-3, 2021 - CIOE - Shenzhen, China

September 13-16, 2021 - ECOC - Bordeaux, France

September 27-30, 2021 - NGON - Barcelona, Spain