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Optical Network Disaggregation Arrives in Asia

Compact Modular Vendor Market Share in APAC
This Active Insight report provides a deeper examination of Compact Modular and disaggregation in APAC and in China. We've provided complimentary access to all readers. This report covers:
  • Tencent and other Chinese Cloud operators deploying 400G ZR+ CFP2s
  • Increasing acceptance of disaggregation and white box deployment in APAC, and the momentum building for Chinese cloud operators to build their own networks
  • The exceptional optical spending growth in Japan among Incumbent operators which have traditionally eschewed disaggregation
  • Nokia’s recent success with Chinese webscale operators
  • The growth of Huawei’s sales of Compact Modular systems to Chinese OTTs

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Catch Up on Key 2020 Takeaways

North American Transport Spending Plummets in Q4
Purchases of optical and packet transport hardware dropped sharply in the fourth quarter as operators exhausted capex earlier in 2020.
North American Cloud and Traditional Telco CapEx Drops in the Fourth Quarter
A return to growth in NA is expected in 2H21. 4Q APAC Cloud & Colo operator spending is exceptional!
400G+ Coherent Optics Shipments Triple During 2020
Ciena now accounts for nearly half of 3rd and 5th Gen coherent ports.

The First 400ZR+ Field Trial

Windstream’s public trial of ZR+ optics in the CFP2 form factor provides initial insight into the larger module size’s performance.
Cignal AI had an opportunity to speak with Windstream, Cisco, and Acacia about the trial. This Active Insight details the event's notable effect and its impact on operator interest in pluggable CFP2 solutions vs. traditional fixed coherent.
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1Q21 Reporting Is Underway

1Q21 ciena vendor report table
Ciena's 1Q21 vendor report was released in March. Excel files and dashboards for all reports are updated in real-time as results come in, and Ciena's results have been incorporated.

New Cignal AI vendor reports for ADVA, Nokia, and others will be published in the coming weeks as quarterly results are released. Be sure to have your user profile set to receive new report announcements so you'll be notified via email.

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