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This is Transmit, a monthly summary of our latest research and important trends in the industry.

Speaking at OFC 2023

Kyle Hollasch

Marketwatch State of the Industry Panel

Tuesday, 07 March | 10:30 – 12:00 | Theater 1
For 20 years, IP-over-DWDM has promised to revolutionize optical networks but failed to gain widespread adoption. Gen 60C (400ZRx) optics are expected to finally make IP-over-DWDM a reality, but before it goes mainstream additional technical hurdles still must be overcome.

Scott Wilkinson

OIF: Defining 800ZR and 800LR

Wednesday, 08 March | 13:00 – 14:00 | Theater II
Building on Gen60C's success, the OIF has defined two Gen120C (800Gbps pluggable) modes: 800ZR and 800LR. But who needs them, how will they be used, and will they generate the same market explosion as the previous generation?

Andrew Schmitt

Marketwatch: 800G / 128GBaud Pluggable Coherent

Tuesday, 07 March | 14:00 – 15:30 | Theater 1
Development of the critical components for 128GBaud pluggable coherent modules is underway. What are the remaining challenges to overcome to bring this technology to market, and what are the leading applications representing the largest opportunity for these devices?
We are fully booked for meetings at OFC - if you want to connect after the event, please reach out.

Active Insight

We hope you find our new weekly earnings call summaries and vendor reports useful. Catch up on what you missed, including a summary of Webscale spending plans for 2023.

4Q22 Transport Hardware & Markets Report

A preliminary summary and highlights, as well as an Excel download are available now.
  • The worldwide optical market declined by -4% due to continuing supply chain constraints and weakness in China, Europe, CALA and Japan. Excluding China, the optical market grew 2%.
  • The worldwide routing market grew 2% for its fifth straight quarter of growth and reached record quarterly and full-year revenues.
  • Driven by India, RoAPAC optical spending increased 26% and routing grew 9%.
  • North American optical and routing sales each grew 14% to reach record 4Q and full-year levels.
  • Optical sales to Cloud & Colo operators fell -3% compared to a drop of -4% in the overall market. Recent layoffs at the major North American hyperscalers do not appear to reflect a decline in network capex.

The Outlook for 100ZR

Lead Analyst Scott Wilkinson spoke extensively with potential end users of the 100ZR module and wrote a detailed Active Insight Report updating our outlook for this potentially disruptive technology. Thanks again to the vendors and network operators who shared valuable insight for this research.

Upcoming Events

March 7-9, 2023 - OFC 2023 (speaking) - San Diego, California
April 25-26, 2023 - Nokia Wavelengths (speaking) - Vienna, Austria
May 31 - June 1 - NGON (speaking) - Nice, France
June 28-30 - FOE - Tokyo, Japan