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Webinar: Terabit Coherent Optics


February 23rd, 2023 - 11 AM EST

The latest 1.2 Terabit 120+ GBaud coherent optics are arriving. Hear about this new technology’s cost and performance benefits from:
  • Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Optical Transport Planning - Verizon
  • Tom Williams, VP of Marketing - Acacia Communications
  • Serge Melle, Director, Optical Product Marketing - Nokia
  • Kyle Hollasch, Lead Analyst Transport Hardware - Cignal AI

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Microsoft keeps its foot on the capex gas; Intel exits Ethernet switching.
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400GbE Module Shipments up 50%

3Q22 OPTCO Leaderboard v2


  • Datacom optical component revenue recovered from a two-quarters decline to post solid gains in Q3, led by 400GbE optical modules.
  • Innolight and Coherent (formerly II-VI) drove growth with their expanded shipments into hyperscale applications.
  • Lumentum remains the leading component supplier in the Telecom segment, in which overall revenue grew 6% YoY.

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