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This is Transmit, a monthly summary of our latest research and important trends in the industry.

Previewing 800/1.6Tbs Client Optics

Cignal AI spoke with systems and component vendors over the last two months, including at September’s ECOC (see ECOC 2022 Show Report), to get their thoughts on the next wave of 100Gbps and 200Gbps PAM4-based client optics.

Complete quantitative forecasts of 800Gbs and 1.6Tbs optical modules are available in the Optical Components report, but we wanted to share our observations and thoughts behind these numbers to help clients understand the next wave of speeds inside the data center. Let us know what you think!

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Ciena Ups its Router Game

Read our Active Insight report about Ciena's new, high-capacity aggregation router and how it stacks up against emerging metro requirements.

3Q22 Reports Underway

Several 3Q22 vendor reports are already published, and live Excel files with actual market results from most Equipment and Component vendors are available for download now. Get the latest live Excel files from the individual report pages.
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Optical Components

Get the slides and watch a replay of last month's 2Q22 live presentation.
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