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Using 400ZR+ To Deploy IP over DWDM


Thursday - February 24th, 11 AM ET

Pluggable 400ZR+ coherent deployments are underway. Learn how this powerful technology is changing markets and transforming network architecture from some of the companies making it happen.
  • Bart Janssens – Senior Specialist Packet Network Architecture – Colt Technology
  • Gert Sarlet – Director, Product Management – II-VI
  • Samuel Liu – Sr. Director Product Line Management – Marvell
  • Andy Bechtolsheim – Founder, Chief Development Officer and Chairman – Arista Networks
  • Scott Wilkinson – Lead Analyst Optical Components – Cignal AI

See You In San Diego

After 2 years of virtual meetings, people are eager to resume in-person events. Most companies are returning to OFC, and Cignal AI analysts are excited to attend.

Contact Andrew, Scott, and Kyle now to speak with us at OFC as our calendar is filling fast! Don't forget to catch us live at these events:
Scott and Andrew were honored to be OFC's organizers of all of the show floor and Marketwatch programming. We both want to extend our special thanks to the speakers and moderators who committed to making this event happen in person in the face of great uncertainty.

Optical Components Report

4Q22 Component Preview
Cignal AI's Optical Components report is set for a greatly expanded release with its 4Q21 edition. As you can see in the chart above, 4Q21 results are already appearing as we work to bring our unique real-time reporting to this market segment.

We're offering free access to these reports to all companies that provide the invaluable assistance of data and guidance. If you're an existing client and would like access to the report, just reply to this email.

As discussed in last quarter's 3Q21 Optical Component presentation, we are adding detailed shipments and forecasts of 400G Datacom optics as well as a breakdown of Telecom transceiver shipments. This is in addition to the macro-level revenue and market share data sets released last quarter.

Catch Up on Research

II-VI 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report
Optical component revenue was down slightly for the quarter, but strong Datacom results and indicators of future growth are grounds for optimism.
Ciena 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report
Ciena has a record revenue quarter - and record backlog as supply chain challenges continue.
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Marvell 4Q21 Vendor Summary Report
Marvell’s Industry Analyst Day provided excellent insight into the company’s views on the roadmaps for intra-datacenter and pluggable coherent optics.

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March 7-10, 2022 - OFC - San Diego, CA
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